Scraping + Massage for 4 Days Fast Skinny Legs

Scraping + Massage for 4 Days Fast Skinny Legs

Introduction: How can you quickly thin legs on the extremities, eliminate edema and firm muscles, and create slim legs?

It’s actually very simple, let’s take a look!

  There are only three types of tools: lotion, skinny socks, scraping stick.

If you shave while bathing, you can use a shower cream instead.

  1. Then extrude the emulsion first, put it in the brand, you can apply the emulsion on the whole foot first.

  2. Of course, apply a thick layer of it. Basically, follow the principle of scraping back. If the calf is scraped from the foot to the calf, scrape the thigh from the step to the thigh.

  3. For the thigh part, start from the back of the thigh and scrape it upward from the alignment bend, and scrape all the meat on the back of the thigh.

  4. The calf part also starts from the back of the calf. It can be scraped to a reddish color like this. Do not force yourself and be careful to hurt yourself.

  Persistence in scraping every day can be good for swelling and firming muscles. After shaving a large area of thin legs, I will share the acupuncture points of the thin legs.

There are many acupuncture points in the legs, which can reduce the weight of the legs and keep them healthy. After all, it is our pursuit to be a healthy and beautiful person!

  There are three points to be pressed below the stovepipe.

  1. First, use the tip of the scraping stick to find the place where the calf is the largest.

Then keep pressing and rubbing this point, it is normal to feel a little tingling. Don’t be afraid to give up!

There is a price to pay for having beautiful legs!

  2. Use the tip of the scraping stick to massage the acupuncture points that are aligned with the lower four fingers.

  3, next is where the calf belly muscles are sunken downwards, there is also an acupuncture point, which is also a thin acupuncture point, like the previous two points, keep pressing and kneading is right!

  Suggestion: Use the scraping plate to press the acupuncture points, you can focus on one point, more effort and efficiency.

  Added: There is also a very important Fengshi point in the thigh!

Tap 100 times a day for comfort, without having to tap too hard.

It can metabolize adults, eliminate edema, sculpt muscles (strengthen the movement of deep muscles), and help digestion (improve the functioning of internal organs, and normalize the stomach).

  The acupuncture point is to stand upright, with your hands hanging down naturally, the position of the middle fingertips.

Olive cleansing cream for autumn and winter face wash_1

Olive Cleansing Cream for Autumn and Winter

Autumn is here, the weather becomes drier, and the moisture is reduced accordingly. For combination skin, acne often occurs, the stratum corneum is thin, and sensitive skin is the hardest to do in autumn and winter .It is a moisturizing and very safe interface product, so that you can rest assured that your skin will not be damaged by the cold wind in autumn and winter.

  Because I am a combination, and I choose skin with mixed face and serious skin problems, the alternatives to my cleansing products are: good cleansing, gentle, not tight after washing, preferably plant ingredients, no pungentThe artificial fragrance, scrub and exfoliation are definitely not used.

A cleansing product, as long as it can be thoroughly cleaned, relying on it to whiten, wrinkle removal seems unlikely.

  Let me talk about my Loccitane Olive Cleansing Cream.

  Loccitane Olive Cleansing Cream Reference Price: RMB 269 yuan / 165ml Appearance: L’Occitane’s consistent style, herbal pattern, you can feel solid when you look at the heart, the bottle cap is conveniently designed, you can squeeze out the cleansing cream through the small holes in the bottle cap,I was a little worried that the bathroom in front of it would be contaminated.

  Skin: white, milky, very delicate and silky.

  Taste: very strong flavor of essential oil, like olive water, some people say it smells bad but I like it very much, like the violet soap used as a kid?
Kind, mm who likes essential oils must love L’Occitane.

In the early autumn morning, the skin is refreshed by using it to awaken the skin.

  Ingredients: I do n’t understand it, the most interesting is its plant: olive oil fruit oil-moisturizing, increase skin elasticity; lemon olein-anti-inflammatory calms, helps dull skin restore gloss.

  Feeling of use: Like many people, I used to like foaming facial cleansers. I think it will wash relatively well, but the skin will become very dry after use. I must use skin care products immediately, even OHUI, which I once lovedThe herbal cleansing cream also feels a little tight after use.

  I used to dislike the non-foaming cleansing milk, like Yuxi Whitening Cleansing Milk. I don’t hate its peppery taste, but every time it seems like it has not been cleaned.

  L’Occitane’s olive cleansing cream, although also non-foaming, has a completely different effect.

I usually do n’t wear makeup, so I just use it to wash my face?
Spread evenly on the bladder, massage slowly, and then . the facial cleanser seems to disappear, and it dissolves in water. Can this be washed clean? I continued to massage for half a minute, rinsed with water, and washed it again and again, very cleanThe refreshing feeling, the magical effect began to appear after drying the face, the skin instantly became soft and tender and smooth, the skin was slippery, not the residue of the facial cleanser, it feels very good, it is almostI can’t believe it, it seems that the skin has improved just by washing my face.

  It ‘s very good to wash the dirt without excessively removing the oil. It ‘s not too urgent for skin care. The more natural it is, the healthier it is. I ‘m still a little scared of the cleansing milk that removes oil immediately. After all, the skin is stillNeed some grease.

  After washing my face, I deliberately applied nothing. After about 20 minutes, the skin still did not feel tight or itchy.

  Dosage: It is relatively expensive. I have used so many soy beans. I may not need so much sweat, but because it dissolves too fast, I always worry that my face is not covered.

  The following are photos taken immediately after adding water, and later all become transparent!

  Because it is acne skin, you can’t change it without makeup. If you want to try its ability to wash makeup, please see the pictures below.

  Apply on the hand: mac eyeliner, mac concealer, armani foundation, yuxi lipstick. After foundation: foundation, concealer, etc. can be easily washed, but the traces of the eyeliner are a bit difficult to wash.The cleansing power of the facial cleanser is pretty good.

  Summary: If you also like slow but natural skin care, this facial cleanser is worth a try in autumn and winter.

Observe eye self-test health: eyelid edema needs attention to organs

Observe eye self-test health: eyelid edema needs attention to organs

“I’ve met my eyes” “Very eye-catching” . conceivably, how deeply human eyes impress others.

Look in the mirror and see where the problem is making your eyes “disappointed”.

  Ladies pay special attention to dark circles and bags under the eyes, in fact, there is more to pay attention to.

Ophthalmologists say that eyes are always a window to the soul, and a window to health.

Whether it’s a young man who loves beauty or an elderly person who doesn’t pay much attention to beauty, it is best to take a moment to look in the mirror every day. From the slight changes in the eyes, look for clues about possible systemic diseases and “eliminate” them.In the bud.

Because the changes in the fundus are also ever-changing, but because you can’t observe them, please check with your ophthalmologist regularly!

  Through the eyes we may spy out many systemic diseases. Let’s take a look at the following common eye problems. What is the problem?

  Dark circles do not pay attention to lifestyle self-finding. “Dark circles are mainly caused by fatigue. Therefore, with dark circles, trying to find a way to beauty, it is better to adjust life obediently.

“Experts said.

For example, often staying up late, mood swings, smoking, excessive drinking, etc., cause venous blood flow to be too slow. Because the skin of the eyelids is thinner than other parts, and too much old waste in the blood, it will dim around the eyessink.

  In addition, congenital genetic factors lead to eye diseases such as chronic conjunctivitis and spring conjunctivitis, and some people will show dark circles. When the disease is cured, the dark circles will be cured.

  Seeing your bags under your eyes is one of the serious phenomena. As you get older, your lower eyelids will relax and your eye sockets will swell slightly, which will cause serious bags under your eyes.

“If bags under the eyes appear in young people, pay attention to premature aging.

In addition to paying attention to maintenance, but also pay attention to relax the spirit and pressure of life.

“Experts said.
  Eyelid edema and organ failure Whenever visceral function decreases, affecting metabolic capacity, water will accumulate in the body.

So, if you often have puffy eyelids, consider whether there are complications.

Experts say that kidney and gastrointestinal functions are reduced, and heart disease completely causes eyelid edema. The specific problem lies in whether you have other symptoms and the results of physical examinations.

In general, most of the eyelid edema caused by acute nephritis is obvious in the morning; for people with poor heart function, the complications of edema will first appear in the legs, and then gradually develop up to the face and eyelids.

  Eyelid jump The eyelid jump caused by poor vision is eyelid orbicularis muscle tension penetration, but the folk gradually evolved the superstition statement of “Left Eye Jumping, Right Eye Jumping”.

Experts say that in fact, most of the causes of eyelid jumps are caused by eye muscle fatigue, rest, insufficient sleep, or anemia or excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Most people can disappear in a short period of time by relaxing mental stress and taking appropriate rest while cooperating with hot compress.

  Farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism can also cause your eyelids to jump. As long as you can get the right eyes early, vision correction can be cured.

  There is a case to pay special attention to: if the number of eyelid jumps gradually increases, the range of twitches and the linear pulling sensation from around the eyes to the corners of the mouth may be the problem of the facial nerve and trigeminal nerve. The main cause is in the brain.Neurology diagnosis and treatment.

  Eyelid drooping Pay attention to the impression that old people with cardiovascular disease give the eyelid drooping. In fact, this is the sagging of the eyelid skin, which is actually a sign of aging, not the actual drooping eyelid.

  In many cases, drooping eyelids may be manifestations of myasthenia gravis, brain tumors, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.

Experts say that if it is an acute attack of diabetes, brain tumor, or stroke, in addition to the drooping eyelids, patients will have other symptoms such as inflexible eye movements, double vision, and so on.

It is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

  Eyeball protrusion is mostly affected by diseases. Don’t think that only those with deep myopia have eyeball protrusion. Eye diseases such as intraocular tumors, mutated tumors, pseudotumors, or intraocular parasitism can also cause eye protrusion.

The appearance of ocular metastases in the late stages of leukemia can also cause eyes to protrude, known as “green tumors.”

If you have eye discomfort, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately.

  In addition, the more common cause of exophthalmos is thyroid disease.

Experts reminded that most of the eyeballs with hyperthyroidism are binocular, but do not think that a single eye is not “hyperthyroidism”.

  People with white eyes become yellow, and the “Pearl Yellow” expert introduces that human eyes are divided into two layers, the inner layer is called the sclera. Liver diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis can make the sclera yellow, that is, “jaundice.”

The yellow color is caused by bilirubin produced by the decomposition of hemoglobin; the outer layer is called the bulbar conjunctiva. After long-term pollution by ultraviolet rays, dust, etc., the adverse reaction of pigmentation occurs, and the white eyes become dark yellow, and the black eyes become cloudy.
The accumulating external environment is stimulating. When the above phenomenon is seen by the elderly, the old saying “people are old and yellow” should be answered.

This is the law of nature and it is inevitable.

  Eye white bleeding Eye surface problems do not need to be nervous. The eye white appears a bright red, which looks very scary. In fact, this is only caused by eye surface bleeding, which is caused by rupture of the blood vessels of the bulbar conjunctiva. This is a small problem and generally requires no special treatment.  When your eye is injured or worn, it can cause bleeding.

Without these external factors, this could be the manifestation of vascular sclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, or blood diseases such as thrombocytopenia in the eye.

In addition, coughing hard, habitual constipation, or a few women’s menstrual periods can also cause eye bleeding.

  Black-eyed white rings are white and usually about 1 mm wide.

It represents a kind of degenerative changes with a genetic tendency. It may be hyperlipidemia, ocular manifestations of arteriosclerosis, you can check these items.

  Eyelid “yellow tumor” surgery can remove eyelids of different sizes, slightly swollen eyelids, and light yellow plaques are generally symmetrical on both eyelids, called pseudoxanthoma. This is not a real tumor.

If you find this kind of symptoms in your eyes, first go for related medical examinations to rule out the possibility of vascular sclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

If there is no such disease, surgery can be performed to remove these xanthomas.

  Oblique eyes sometimes do not need to see an ophthalmic stroke, diabetes, brain tumors, nasopharyngeal cancer metastasis, etc., which can cause eye distortion and are more urgent. Experienced ophthalmologists will recommend that patients go to internal medicine, neurology or ENT examinationExclude related diseases.

  If it is not this kind of disease, the exotropia and esotropia of the eyes are usually correctable through surgery or acupuncture. It is recommended that you go to the ophthalmology clinic.

  Children with closed eyes and weak spleen and stomach are medically called incomplete eyelid closure.

Eyelids cannot be closed, also known as “rabbit eyes”. This is one of the characteristics of facial paralysis, which often occurs suddenly.

If the eyelids cannot be completely closed or tightly closed after the child falls asleep, this is a manifestation of weak spleen and stomach, and dietary care should be taken care of.

In addition, craniocerebral inflammation, bleeding, and tumors can also lead to incomplete lid closure.

Psychoanalysis: Why am I so unlucky?

Psychoanalysis: Why am I so unlucky?

Introduction: What information do we notice in daily life?

As an individual, of course, you know best about your environment and you know the difficulties and hardships you face, but you ca n’t see others, especially the unfortunate experiences of others.Show yourself the most beautiful side.

So the result is that each of us feels like the most unlucky person in the world.

  We often see such people in our lives, and all day Xiangxiang Lin refuses: Why am I so unlucky?

Why is life unfair to me?

Why do everyone live bright and I can’t?

. as if he or she is the most unfortunate person in the world; at the same time, we rarely see another type of people, cheering all day long: how am I so happy?

Why does heaven care for me so much?

. Even if we see such a person, we still feel like a nervous person.

In fact, needless to say that others, in each of us, there will be some emotions that are not as good as others. This is the normal state of life. Otherwise, the silence of life will not be so much.

So why do everyone feel so unfortunate?

  In psychology, there is a concept of perceived saliency, meaning that the information that becomes the focus of attention is often considered more important. In other words, what you focus on matters.

Psychologists think an interesting study was done.

In this study, boys were allowed to have a conversation and others to observe.

In fact, the two interlocutors were complicity of the experiment, and the content of the dialogue was pre-arranged.

In each round of the experiment, there were 6 real participants, who sat on designated seats and talked around the two.

  Two of them are sitting above the replacement interlocutor, and they can clearly see the replacement interlocutor; for example, observer A + B; the other four observers are placed behind the replacement interlocutor, and they can see one of them.The back of one interlocutor and the front face of another interlocutor, such as observer A or observer B.

  After the dialogue, the researchers asked these observers to say who was the most influential during the dialogue. Although the six observers saw the same dialogue, the answers were different, and who was the most influential.Well, the people they see most clearly have the most influence.

Observer B believes that role B changes the force and is replaced in personality; until A and B both see observer A + B, they think that the influence of the two is similar.

Therefore, as expected by the concept of perceptual significance, the information we notice is the most important information.

  So, what information do we notice in our daily lives?

As an individual, of course, you know best about your environment and you know the difficulties and hardships you face, but you ca n’t see others, especially the unfortunate experiences of others, because in public, who does n’tShow yourself the most beautiful side.
So the result is that each of us feels like the most unlucky person in the world.
  In addition, this phenomenon can also be further explained by the concept of “contradiction / bystander difference” in psychology. This concept holds that when observing the behavior of others, people are used to attribution of personality, that is, when others encounterThe difficulty is because he (she) is of poor character; and when explaining his behavior, he pays more attention to situational factors, that is, he suffers misfortune because of God’s injustice.

In this way, the bad luck of others is due, and the bad luck of ourselves is the jealousy and talent, and we feel even more wronged.

  In fact, thousands of people are suffering so much that others don’t know.

We feel that our pain is actually not looking at the frustrations of others. Are you more painful than the people below?

  There is such a person, maybe you know him.

In 1832, he was unemployed at the time, which clearly made him sad, but he was determined to be a politician and a state legislator. Unfortunately, he failed.

Hitting it twice a year is bound to be painful for him.

He set out to start his own business, but less than a year later, the business closed down.

In the next 17 years, he had to travel around and go through hardships to repay the debts owed when the company closed down.

He joined Congress again, and this time he succeeded.

There was a hint of hope in his heart, thinking that his life was: “Maybe I can succeed!

“The next year, in 1835, he got engaged, but when his fiancee died a few months before his marriage.

This was a big blow to his spirit, and he was in a horror, unable to stay in bed for months.

He also had neurasthenia in 1836.

He felt in good health in 1838 and decided to act as the head of state legislature.But he failed.

He joined the United States Congress in 1843, but this time he still failed.

Until 1860, 17 years later, after more ordeals and failures, this man was elected President of the United States, his name was Abraham.


But his bad luck didn’t end. In 1865, he was assassinated.

  There is also a more exaggerated and dramatic case in psychology: it was a 14-year-old boy.

His mother died suddenly in November at the age of eight.

At the age of 9 in November, he fell off a ladder and broke the mountain.

At the age of 10, in November, he had a car accident while riding a bicycle, causing a serious fracture and accompanied by a severe concussion.

At the age of 11, in November, he fell from the sunroof and broke his tibia.

At the age of 12 in November, he fell off a skateboard, causing a fractured wrist bone.

At the age of 13 in November, he was hit by a car and caused a pelvic rupture . Seeing this case, do you still think you are the most unlucky?

  Finally, let ‘s recall Comrade Nobita in Doraemon: According to incomplete statistics, Nobita was stabbed 173 times by the fat tiger in the full collection of Doraemon, 60 times by the teacher, and scolded by his mother327 times, bitten by a dog 23 times, and fell into a ditch 14 times . Are you feeling better, Nobita is so unlucky, and still so optimistic to live, learn from Comrade Nobita.

  Tips: In psychology, there is a concept of saliency, meaning that the information that is the focus of attention is often considered more important information. In other words, what you pay attention to is important.

Psychologists think an interesting study was done.

In this study, boys were allowed to have a conversation and others to observe.

In fact, the two interlocutors were complicity of the experiment, and the content of the dialogue was pre-arranged.

In each round of the experiment, there were 6 real participants, who sat on designated seats and talked around the two.

Pretend to be a new trick in the workplace?

Pretend to be a new “trick” in the workplace?

To outsiders, Caroline Bailey, a sales executive at a high-end fashion store in Manhattan, is a busy man.
She was serious about the display of women’s clothing in the fashion store: she rearranged already neatly stacked sweaters, and set the spacing of hangers strictly to one finger wide.
In addition, she has to take the time to call her boss and discuss the business in the store.
Although she looks busy, she is suspected of “counterfeiting”-there is no customer in the store.
“Both the boss and the customer don’t want to see you doing nothing, so you have to get busy, refold your clothes, dust around and mop the floor-even though the shop is spotless.
Anyway, you have to do something.
“Although only six customers walked into the store in a day, Bailey managed to get three of them out of pocket.
  In the workplace, “pretend to be busy”. When the economy is booming, employees sometimes joke together and boast about each other’s experience of “active performance” in front of the boss.
If it’s not just for deceiving the boss, pretending to be busy can even be called an art form.
However, in the face of the current severe economic crisis, layoffs are coming one after another. For some people, pretending to be busy is no longer an entertainment, and has become a necessary survival skill in the workplace.
In areas such as retail, real estate, catering, and law firms that have been hit hard by the financial crisis, you can still see employees working hard.
But when the business has shrunk sharply, their busy content can not help but make people question marks.
  The current unemployment rate in the United States has exceeded 7%, and more and more people will lose their jobs.
In such a precarious situation, the employees are all at risk, and many people rack their brains to make themselves appear busy, for fear that they will become idlers in the eyes of the boss.
In the clothing retail industry, stacking clothes has always been considered by shop assistants as “numb repetitive labor”, but now when customers leave clothes in the dressing room, Caroline.
Bailey would be grateful: “You don’t want customers to put their clothes neatly back on the shelf, because then you can show your value.
“Eric, a professor of management at Columbia Business School.
Abramson pointed out that although “blindness” is of little value to productivity, it is essential for individual employees.
“It’s hard to do nothing after work, and busyness can at least bring a touch of comfort and a little satisfaction.
“Pretend to be busy and creative” However, when the business is bleak, “nothing to look for” also requires a higher IQ and creativity.
When the real estate market was hot, real estate agent Michelle.
Colby was too busy; now that the housing market is depressed, she has been forced to expand into new business areas-“archaeological excavations” of desks, “I found 2003 sales records and reclassified them.
My desk is now neat and tidy.
“In a Japanese restaurant, the foreman brought the waiter to origami the chopsticks every day.
He self-deprecated and said, “This is a kind of craftsmanship that can help people relax.
“In the trading lobby of the Wall Street Investment Bank, bankers sometimes even pass the time by throwing football, and occasionally you can hear the sound of smashed computer monitors.
  But compared to the following practices, the “show” mentioned earlier seems too mediocre.
Someone told the telemarketer the phone number on the desk, which he would pick up every time he called, and then covered the cloud for a while, giving the illusion of busy business.
Others wrote thank-you letters of up to five pages to customers, just to thank the latter for visiting the store.
Every time an investment manager slips out for lunch, he deliberately spreads the documents on the desk; he also leaves the cell phone and colludes with colleagues in other offices, and occasionally dials his cell phone to make peopleI think he hasn’t gone far, and his business is quite busy.
An attorney working for a New York law firm wants to give the impression that he often works overtime late into the night.
But the office light uses a motion detection device, and it will dim until it turns off when there is no one in the room.
So the old man came up with a good trick-he moved a fan and shook his head.
This will trick the motion detector and keep the office lights on.
  In the information age, of course, pretending to be busy cannot do without the important prop of the computer.
An advertising account manager deliberately puts the display back to his colleagues so that they can only see that he often sits in front of the computer and frowns, thinking that he is actually designing toys for the baby to be born.
Of course, computers can cover many non-work related activities, such as chatting, making friends, shopping, etc.
This phenomenon is so common that a new word, cyberloafing, was born specifically for it, which translates as “swinging on the Internet” or “shopping on the Internet”.Of course, if you are more “concerned”, you can use some programs to let the computer automatically send work-related emails to your boss in the middle of the night, so that he thinks that you are picking a lantern for work.

  Pretending to be busy can also be “full of ideas”
, but experts who specialize in workplace behaviors point out that these pretending tricks are difficult to escape the boss’s eyes.

Robert Giacaron, a professor at Temple University’s business school, said: “Under the general trend of the economic crisis, the workplace is full of fear, and bosses will become suspicious.

If he finds out that you are trying to use these tactics to create the illusion, the slashing of the slasher will surely fall on you first.

“In fact, during the depression, you can also make your busy life reorganize the company.

A legal consultant working for a large law firm said that when the economy began to stagnate last summer, he started to call clients to provide a consultative, free consultation.

“I try to show them that despite the economic downturn, I am still in their best interest.

When the economy improves, they will continue to seek our help.

He also volunteered to join the company’s other unpaid services and went to a public school once a week to read texts to elementary school students.

His attendance card reads-“Career Development”.

“Although I’m busy, I can’t make money for the company in hours as usual.

I’m helping the company in another way.

“Job Coach Jonathan.

Spila pointed out that smart employees should take advantage of this time to plan ahead, plan their career curve instead of spending time, and “make themselves actively busy.”

Octopus pheasant

Octopus pheasant

“Octopus Baked Chicken” is made with a combination of ginger and garlic, and added Zhuhou sauce to enhance the flavor. It is a traditional method of making.

  Ingredients: 200 grams of octopus, 400 grams of light chicken, 30 grams of garlic, 20 grams of ginger slices, 15 grams of garlic (striped), salt, sugar, rice wine, chicken soup, pepper, Zhuhou sauce, soy sauce,Peanut oil each amount.

  Method: Wash and slice the octopus and stir-fry for later use. Wash and cut the light chicken and mix well with salt, soy sauce, pepper, and peanut oil. Set aside, add oil, sauté the garlic, ginger slices, and Zhuhou sauce.Stir fry the chicken for a while, simmer some rice wine, add an appropriate amount of chicken broth, octopus, garlic, and simmer on medium heat until cooked.

Kasuga Men’s Reinforcement Is More Powerful

Kasuga Men’s Reinforcement Is More Powerful

The climate gradually warms in spring and everything recovers. It is the best season of the year.
However, spring is also the season of “herb germination and disease”, and health care should start in spring.
Men who are important pillars of the family, men pursuing career success, and men under more pressure should strengthen health care and promote health, and they must act now!
  Prevention of disease: Middle-aged men are the first to prevent cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for middle-aged people in their 30s and 40s to die suddenly or suffer from severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
According to data, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the “first killer” that endangers human health, and the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the Chinese population is increasing year by year.
Therefore, middle-aged men who are struggling with work all the time, have constant entertainment, and are under tremendous pressure need disease-free prevention and early treatment.
  There are 10 main risk factors for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China, namely: age, gender, genetic history, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking, diabetes, lack of exercise, obesity and mental stress.
The first three risk factors cannot be changed individually, but the last seven risk factors can be improved by adjusting personal lifestyle.
  The occurrence and development of cardiovascular disease is a continuous process. Smoking, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obesity are important factors that cause disease. Sometimes a person even concentrates multiple risk factors.
With the increase of stress in various aspects and an unhealthy lifestyle, these risk factors are becoming more and more common in the population, leading to a younger development and a “thirty-year-old, sixty-year-old heart” situation.
  It takes decades for cardiovascular disease to develop from risk factors to clinical symptoms.
Men who are stressed and stressed should pay special attention to the “signs for help” from the heart in order to make a timely judgment: after suffering from a cold or diarrhea, there is obvious general weakness, panic, shortness of breath, or unevenness in speed when walking. It may beViral myocarditis occurred; suddenly woke up from chest tightness and shortness of breath after falling asleep, followed by frequent coughing, exacerbation of breath, and foaming sputum or red foamy sputum, mostly suffering from rheumatic heart disease or high heart disease; middle-aged and elderly people are overworkedSymptoms such as stuffiness and pressure pain in the precardiac area suddenly appear after excessive drinking, emotional excitement, and most of them have coronary heart disease; if the recurrence lasts for a long time, and angina can not be relieved by nitroglycerin and quick-acting JiuxinwanMyocardial infarction.
  饮食:减盐控油防患未然  为预防心脑血管病等慢性疾病,世界卫生组织提出“合理膳食、适量运动、戒烟限酒、心理平衡”四大基石,其中,合理膳食被列首位,而合理膳食的The focus is on reducing salt and controlling oil.
  According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the China Nutrition Association, residents use 2 grams of salt per meal and 25 grams of oil (10 grams of a large spoon of vegetable oil refers to a large stainless steel spoon for family meals).
By analogy, for each additional person, the amount of salt per meal increases by 2 grams.
If you add soy sauce or use yellow sauce when cooking soup, you need to reduce the amount of salt as appropriate.
For example, a large spoon (referring to a large stainless steel spoon for family meals) of soy sauce has a salt content of about 1.
5 grams, a tablespoon of yellow sauce contains about 2 grams of salt.
  Kidney Replenishment: Facing Kidney Deficiency, Scientific Supplementation. Nowadays, successful men have long-term anxiety and nervousness, and lack of necessary physical exercise can easily hurt the kidneys.
Therefore, men should pay attention to kidney, but blind kidney is not desirable.
Kidney tonic varies from person to person. Tonic tonic, you must first know what type of kidney deficiency you are.
  Kidney deficiency is divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, which can be easily distinguished by fear of cold or heat.
Those with yin deficiency are mostly red with five upsets; those with yang deficiency are afraid of cold, cold limbs, and pale.
For another example, the tonic medicine is mostly hot medicine, such as aconite, cinnamon, velvet antler, Epimedium, Cistanche, Morinda officinalis, etc .; the tonic medicine is mostly Ganhan medicine, mainly Dendrobium, Yuzhu, Dogwood, Medlar., Ligustrum lucidum, mulberry parasitic, American ginseng, etc.
Liuyin Dihuang Wan is the representative of Chinese medicine for tonifying yin, and Jinkui Shenqi pill is representative of Chinese medicine for tonifying yang.
At the same time, because Chinese medicine also pays attention to the “yin and yang mutual roots”, it is necessary to “make up those who are good at yin, and seek yin in yang; those who are good at yang, and seek yin in yin”.
To be cautious, you must take medication or take supplements under the guidance of your doctor.
  The safer and more convenient way to supplement is tonic.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the foods for tonifying the kidney yang include dog meat, venison, shrimp, oxtail, and leeks; the foods for tonifying the kidney yin include black chicken, turtle shell, turtle plate, wolfberry and so on.
  Fitness: Exercise a body-building abdomen. From a human body-building perspective, a truly body-building abdomen should be composed of a thin and powerful waist and clearly defined abdominal muscles.
Therefore, abdominal bodybuilding exercises should not be ignored.
  ☆ Bend sideways: stand upright.
Separate your legs, lift your arms horizontally from side to side, bend your upper body forward, touch your right foot with your left finger, and lift your right arm naturally. Neither your legs nor your arms should be bent. Inhale, then restore and exhale.
Go in the other direction and repeat.
Do it 8 times in a row.
  ☆ Bent leg exercise: supine position.
Keep your arms flat against the ground from side to side, straighten your legs and lift your knees, inhale and bring your thighs close to the abdomen; then exhale and slowly return.
Repeat 8 times.
  ☆ Lift your legs and abdomen: Mainly exercise the lower abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back with your legs straight and raised at the same time, then lower them slowly.

After doing this exercise evenly, bend your knees and continue to do the same.

Repeat 8 times.
  ☆ “Bicycle” exercise: supine position.

Take turns flexing and stretching your legs, imitating the movement of cycling, and move quickly and flexibly.

Lasts 20-30 seconds.

  ☆ Twist: Hold the handle or pull a heavy weight in one hand, perform twist and turn exercises in various postures to exercise the external oblique and waist muscles.

  Each person can replace the above exercise according to his or her own situation, and gradually increase the amount of exercise every time according to the physical condition, performing 2 times a day.

Focusing on Adolescent Cyber Autism

Focusing on Adolescent Cyber Autism

Cybervirtuality can easily lead to interpersonal relationship disorders and a variety of emotional problems in young students.

Psychologist Jung said: “A variety of personality masks live on people in the real world. The role of personality masks is to give people a good public display, and to be recognized by society, it guarantees usAble to live in harmony with people, even people we don’t like.

“People who immerse themselves in the Internet often tear themselves into” personality masks “because of the virtual nature of network interactions. This creates a huge psychological contrast with the needs of the real society.

The Internet brings various interpersonal relationship obstacles and emotional problems to young students, mainly including internet autism, crisis of interpersonal trust, and online dating and online marriage.

Cyber autism refers to paying too much attention to human-machine dialogue, diminishing the interaction between individuals and society and others, and they have become more and more lonely from their surrounding partners.

A survey in the United States shows that 40% of people increase their loneliness by 20% for one hour each week.

Current related surveys also show that 20% of young students who go online have low moods and loneliness, and 12% are alienated from family and friends.

  ”Internet addiction”, “Internet autism” and other online transmission of human companion products pose a danger and threat to the physical health of adolescents.

    Computer space is full of new things and is constantly increasing.

Therefore, it has infinite appeal to young people who realize that they accept new things. This kind of attraction often leads to the extreme obsession of the Internet for young people.

Male college students are the backbone of Internet fans. Because they are not strong in mental quality and relatively weak in self-control, they have become a frequent group of Internet psychological disorders.

Because of the lack of social communication and interpersonal communication, the patient regards the online world as real life, separates from the times, and has no common language with others. As a result, symptoms such as loneliness, depression, sluggish thinking, and reduced self-evaluation, and even severe suicidal thoughts andbehavior.

    This symptom is called “Internet Addiction Syndrome” in medicine, or IAD for short.

Studies have shown that the dopamine level in the brain that is continuously connected to the Internet increases. This chemical makes patients highly excited for a short period of time. The virtual world indulged in the Internet cannot extricate itself, but the decadence and reversal are earlierThe front is more serious.

Over time, these effects can lead to complex physiological and biochemical changes.

Patients initially manifested as a mental dependence on the Internet. They were eager to surf the Internet and play games. After that, they could easily develop into physical dependence. Appetite loss, anxiety, etc. may even cause various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, which requires deep acceptance.Psychological counselling.

Therefore, we should consider the combination of mental health education for adolescents with “net ethics” education.

  Youth is the most important shaping period of life. It is the transition period from immaturity to maturity of an individual. The youth is exuberant, full of imagination and creativity. It is the golden period of life, but it is also the most fragile and dangerous period of life.
The physiological maturity of modern urban adolescents often conflicts with the lag of psychological maturity, the physiological and psychological needs and the reality also conflict, the physiological and psychological development needs and the social environment education are even more contradictory, which will make it difficult for young people to form correct self-consciousness and sexual awareness.It is difficult to establish good interpersonal relationships, and it is easy for adolescents to have mental health problems. This is an important source of adolescents’ misbehavior in the Internet.

The author has extensively collected cases from various propaganda media and conducted in-depth investigations into Internet cafes. Through analysis of a large number of cases, it is found that many young hackers often have a lonely personality, a strong desire to attack and cause a sense of responsibility. Many Internet addiction and Internet autism patientsThe creators and addicts of Internet information pollution often have lonely personality, lack of ideals, and have good hobbies.

Therefore, caring about the mental health of adolescents, and strengthening the education of adolescents’ mental health, especially sex education, can achieve the effect of “evacuation”, so that adolescents have a good mentality of surfing the Internet, and thus use the Internet more reasonably.

Therefore, large, middle and primary schools should do a good job of psychological monitoring and counselling for adolescents as soon as possible. Parents and teachers should pay particular attention to adolescents ‘mental health, combine adolescents’ mental health education with “net moral” education, and change educational concepts andMode, we must understand and abide by the laws of adolescents’ physical and psychological development, and strengthen communication between teachers and students, parents and children, and students.

Refreshing from the head

Refreshing from the “head”

Wash your baby’s hair once a day, usually before bathing.
It can be adjusted according to the season. For example, in the hot summer, the baby sweats a lot. You can wash your head every time you take a bath.
It can be washed once every 2-3 days in the cold winter.
Baby shampoo should use baby shampoo or baby soap.
  PARTⅠ shampoo The main points of shampoo?

The water temperature was maintained at 37-38 ° C.

Choose a pediatric shampoo without adult supplies.
Because too strong alkalinity for adult products will destroy the scalp sebum of young children, cause dry and itchy scalp, shorten hair life and make hair yellow.

Do not pick your baby’s scalp with your fingers.
The correct method is to gently massage the scalp with the entire palm; a little pediatric conditioner can be used in the hot season.

If your baby’s scalp has a scalp shell, you can use a vegetable oil (preferably olive oil, followed by peanut oil or vegetable oil) after boiling, and apply a thin layer, and then wash it with warm water to easily remove the headdirt.

The number of shampoos should be 1-2 days in summer and 3-4 days in winter and spring.

Combing and combing hair can stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth.
Choose a comb with soft teeth and jagged teeth to avoid harming your baby’s hair and scalp.
  How to do it Little baby under 1 year old?

Hold the baby’s head in one hand, lean the back on your forearm, and hide the baby’s leg in your elbow.
Use your other hand to make a ring and gently shower the tub with water on the baby’s head.

Note: Avoid splashing water into your baby.

Hold the baby on your lap and gently dry the baby’s head with another towel.
  Babies over 1 year old?

Wet his head first. If you use shampoo, stretch your hand holding him forward and pour some shampoo on the palm.

Hold your baby’s head with your plus one hand.
Rub his hair with shampoo.
If soap has been added to the tub water.
Just wash your hair with this water.

Change your hands again.
Wash off the water with a damp sponge or face towel that has been squeezed out of the water.
  No matter how old you wash your hair, pay attention and feel comfort.
Keep your baby’s body as close to the mother ‘s chest as possible when washing your hair, and make contact with your mother ‘s upper body more closely. Your baby ‘s head should also be overhanging and tilting slightly. At the same time, she keeps saying, “Baby, now motherWash your hair, mother is around . “and so on to increase the child’s sense of security. After adapting a few times, the child will no longer cry.In addition, according to the situation that the child is afraid of water entering the eyes, the child can be allowed to play with water freely while taking a bath. In this way, the child can be more relieved of tension and fear.

In general, if your baby does not like washing your hair, you must first realize that this is a normal phenomenon.

You should start with understanding the baby’s psychology and improving the method of shampooing. Gradually attract the baby to no longer hate shampooing and boots to fall in love with shampooing.

Because adults like fresh and fragrant hair, babies also like it!

  Special reminder: (1) When washing your hair, you should not hold your nails to wash your hair, so as not to scratch your baby’s delicate skin.

  (2) Can’t remove the sebum from the baby’s head.

You can apply oil to the right side the day before and leave it for 24 hours to soften and float your head. It is easy to replace and wash off when washing your hair.

  (3) If the mother’s hand is small and cannot cover the baby’s binaural holes, the baby’s external ear canal can also be plugged with cotton.

  PARTⅡ Face Washing Baby needs complete face washing twice a day, including complete eyes, ears, nose and parts.

It is usually arranged after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

  Specific operation?

Use a small washbasin for infants and children to cool or warm water, and put a small square towel or clean gauze.


Eye wash: The mother grasps the baby’s head with his left hand so that he does not turn left and right; pick up the wet square towel with his right hand and dry it.Because the lacrimal duct is located in the inner corner of the eye, this prevents the chance of dirt entering the lacrimal duct.

After washing one eye, replace it with a clean wet towel and rinse the other eye with the same method.


Ear wash: Use a wet towel to wipe the outside and behind the ear of your baby, and then dry it with a dry towel.

When cleaning, be careful not to let water drip into the external ear canal.

Don’t go for earwax to prevent infection.


Nasal wash: You can use a sterilized cotton swab moistened with warm water to remove the nasal debris inserted in the nasal cavity, which is conducive to breathing.


Finally, use a clean wet towel to scrub the baby’s forehead, two shorts, around the mouth and nose, and the lower jaw.

  special reminder:?

Before cleaning the baby, the mother must wash her hands first.


Before the baby was 6 months old, wash the eyes, ears and face with boiled warm or cold water.

When cleaning your nose or ears, just clean where you can see and wipe away any mucus or earwax. Do not try to clean it.

If you clean the inside of your ears or nose, you may instead send dirt inside.


Don’t wash your baby’s face with breast milk: It is said in the folk that the baby’s skin is white and tender when washing her face with breast milk.

However, this is not scientific because breast milk accelerates the reproduction of bacteria on the baby’s skin, causing the baby’s skin to develop redness or small pustules.

  PART III cuts hair to protect the skin on the head and keeps it warm in cold weather.

Hairdresser Generally speaking, the baby’s skull is soft and the hair is tender. The hair clippers are used to injure the scalp and cause infection. Therefore, do not cut your hair within 3 months after birth.

After 3 months, it can be contracted with scissors, which can keep the head tidy and stimulate hair growth.

There is no special time limit for baby’s haircut. It can be done in 1-2 months according to different hair growth speed and gender.

  Specific operations If the mother wants to help her baby with a simple hairstyle, it is the most suitable at night, and he needs his father as a helper.

  ?Dad sat in the quilt, holding the baby in his arms, his head facing outward.   ?Mom ready quick scissors and towel.

  ?Place a towel under your hair to prevent it from falling into your baby’s neck.

  ?When cutting hair, cut it from the inside.

  special reminder?

Haircuts for newborns depend on the specific conditions of hair growth. If the hair is short and small, you do not need to cut it at the full moon; if the hair is long and large, you can cut it appropriately.

  ?In summer, it is easy to sweat and grow cripples, which can be shaved into short flat heads, which is cool and easy to clean.

In winter, the climate is cold, it can be left a little longer, and it can also keep a certain amount of warmth.

  ?It is also important to avoid shaving your head and eyebrows with a knife to prevent damage to the baby’s delicate skin.

Wash your hair after each haircut.

  ?Use selected barber tools such as small scissors or razors before disinfecting with alcohol cotton balls.

Cut your hair while your baby is cooperating or while you are asleep. Do not force your baby to cut your hair to avoid accidentally scratching your skin.

  Good hair cannot be separated from good nutrition?

Protein: The secret to making hair thick is the basic keratin of the hair, which accounts for more than 90% of the total hair.

Keratin is a keratinizing substance of protein, which is responsible for the healthy growth of hair. Human cells must have sufficient protein to produce sufficient keratin, so as to make the hair more quality and quality.

You can choose foods such as poultry, fish, eggs, soy products and so on.

  ?Cysteine: Sulfur and Vitamin C which make hair shiny can promote hair color and smoothness.

Zinc is a major component of an enzyme that plays a key role in hair color. It can maintain or reproduce black hair.

Tips for these nutrients are eggs and seafood.

  ?Vitamins: Vitamins are hair “guards”, such as vitamin A can reduce dandruff, nourish the scalp, promote blood circulation and improve hair nutrition.

Vitamin B family, especially aminobenzoic acid, niacin and folic acid, can add bright color to the hair and prevent early whitening.

Vitamin E can promote thick hair, and the roots are tough and not easy to be broken.

Kelp, oysters, citrus and green leafy vegetables, beans, coarse rice, miscellaneous cereals, etc. should be added with vitamins A, B, E, etc.

  Know a few practical issues?

Shall you full the moon?

There is a folk custom for haircuts for full moon babies, which are believed to stimulate better hair growth.

I don’t know how much it has helped before, and it may cause harm to children.

  ?Does childhood bald matter?

Hair has formed during the period of high blood pressure, and the body weight of 5-6 months has dense fetal hair, which gradually shifts afterwards.

If there is too much fetal hair, it will be scarce at birth and is called childish baldness.

Childhood baldness is only a temporary phenomenon. Generally, the hair grows thick and dark immediately after the age of 2 years, and it is not necessary to use medication.

  ?Is shaving head cool in summer?

The hair protects the skull, and it also emits excessive speed in the body.

The shaved head not only hurts the skin of children, but also shortens the heat dissipation function.

It’s better not to shave your head.

  ?Can children perm and dye their hair?

The child’s hair is not as well-developed as the body, and the hair is thin and soft. The high temperature of the perm gradually damages the hair and turns yellow, brittle, and reduces the secretion of oil.The ground sticks together and affects the evaporation of sweat on the head, which is prone to breed bacteria and dermatitis caused by slender rash.

  Hair dyeing is a chemical reaction. It is easiest to cause a large loss of moisture and protein in the hair, cause hair cells to decline and accelerate hair loss.

In addition, allergic skin diseases caused by hair dye are not uncommon.

Long-term use of hair dyes may also cause some difficult-to-treat conditions, such as aplastic anemia, and even potential carcinogenic risks.

So whether it is perm dyed, it is harmful to young children.



[Sexual taste]sweet, flat, non-toxic.

  [Guijing]into the lungs and spleen.

  [Efficacy]Lishui swelling, replenishing air, replenishing the five internal organs, solid bones and bones, cold and heat resistance, and eliminating heat.

  [Attending]infantile suffocation, malnutrition, bronchial compression, frailty, cold and heat.

  [Explanation]Quail, anciently known as quail bird, Wanquan, galloping bird, is a good supplement.

Quail was originally a wild bird with a weight of only about 100 grams. It moved to the north after spring every year and flew back to the south to avoid the cold in winter. After nearly 100 years of artificial breeding and domestication, it gradually became a new poultry industry.

Among them, quail is one of the ancient carnivorous birds. For a long time, the long-term nutritional chicken industry has developed slowly. It was not until the early 1960s that eggs were introduced from Japan to breed quail. At present, many cities have built large-scaleCultivate quails.

Quail is famous worldwide for its reputation as “animal ginseng”. Its meat is delicious and tender, contains less feces, and is not greasy to eat. Therefore, it has been regarded as a top quality game since ancient times.Say.

  Quail can be used as a high-grade dish, but also has the effect of nourishing and strengthening, treating a variety of diseases. Its medicinal value is beyond that of chickens. Its meat is high in protein, low in feces and vitamins, and it also contains low cholesterol.It is ideal for humans.

For protein comparison, quail meat is 24.

3%, chicken is only 19.

7%, the content of multivitamins (A, B, C, D, E, K) is also 1-3 times higher than chicken, and it is easier to absorb and absorb than chicken, so it is more suitable for elderly, maternal than chicken,Nourishing food for children and frail people.

  [Health prescription and medicinal supplements]1.

A bird of quail, without depilation, roasted and stored at the end of grinding, 10 grams each time, add brown sugar to dissolve in water, mix with 30 grams of rice wine, one serving, twice a day, bronchial pressurization.


Steamed quail: One quail is depilated and offal, seasoned with a small amount of oil and salt, and steamed for consumption.

Have spleen and stomach, nourishing the five internal organs.

Suitable for pediatric accumulation.


Quail clear soup: 2 quail hairless and intestines mixed, add boiled soup, can be eaten with a small amount of wine to taste (light food).

There are nourishing the five internal organs, diuretic swelling effect.

Treatment of chronic nephritis edema.


Codonopsis yam steamed quail: 1-2 quail shaved and intestines mixed, Codonopsis 20 grams, Huai yam 30 grams, salt, water, steamed and eaten.

It has the effect of strengthening the spleen, strengthening the stomach and replenishing qi.

For spleen and stomach weakness, loss of appetite, mental fatigue and other symptoms.


Red bean quail soup: 1 quail shaved and intestines mixed, 20 grams of red adzuki beans, 3-5 slices of ginger, the same soup, seasoned with salt.

It has spleen strengthening, dehumidifying and diuretic effects.

Applicable to hypertension, diarrhea and other symptoms.


Quail boiled in sugar and wine: 1 quail is shaved and intestines mixed, and brown sugar and rice wine are cooked in soup.

It has the effect of tonifying lungs.

Applicable to shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, etc.


Ginger-boiled quail: one male and one quail, each with its hair and intestines mixed, five slices of ginger, cooked in soup, seasoned with oil and salt.

It has the effect of expelling wind and asthma, and is suitable for wind and cold diseases.

Eucommia medlar boiled quail: 1 quail shaved and intestines mixed, 10 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, boiled in soup, seasoned with a small amount of oil and salt, has a liver and kidney effect.
Can cure back pain caused by liver and kidney deficiency, soft feet, dizziness, dazzling and so on.


Steamed quail: 1-2 quail hairless and intestinal mixed, astragalus, codonopsis 20 grams each, ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, salt, water, steamed and eaten.

It has the effect of nourishing qi and promoting energy and strengthening spleen.

It is suitable for postpartum or post-ill health, elderly drowsiness, poor diet, weak stools, etc.


White quail soup: 1 quail shaved and intestines mixed, cut into pieces, 10 grams of white quail, cook the soup, season with a small amount of salt and eat.

It has lung moisturizing and hemostatic effects, and is suitable for hemoptysis of tuberculosis.


Mutton quail soup: 1 quail shaved and intestines mixed, 250 grams of mutton, 50 grams of wheat, the same soup, seasoned with a small amount of salt.

Have qi and blood, nourishing yin and aphrodisiac.

It is suitable for dysfunction such as physical weakness, blood deficiency, dizziness, emaciated body, chlorosis, tiredness, fatigue, fatigue and tiredness.


Quail porridge: 1 quail shaved and mixed intestines, cut into small pieces, 100 grams of rice, cook with porridge, season with edible oil and salt.

It is good for qi and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, and dehumidifying.

Can cure pediatric accumulation, abdominal fullness, loss of appetite, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, and physical weakness.

Can be eaten for breakfast and dinner, once a day or every other day.


Fried quail: 2 quail, sliced after slaughtering, stir-fry in a hot oil pan until discoloration, add 200 grams of white radish slices and stir-fry, then add minced green onion, ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, water with MSG,Salt is seasoned.

It has the effect of nourishing kidney qi, strengthening waist and knees, and strengthening the body.

Suitable for kidney deficiency, backache and various weakness.


Cinnamon quail: 90 grams of quail meat cut into small pieces, 30 grams of pig spinal cord (dehydrated muscle), 60 grams of Guiyuan meat, 6 grams of rock sugar, cooking wine, spring onion, ginger, clear soup, steamed, sprinkle with 3 grams of osmanthus,Ready to eat.

It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing heart and stomach.

Suitable for anemia, malnutrition, fatigue and weakness.


Hibiscus quail slices: 60 grams of quail breast meat, add a small amount of lard, chop finely, use 6 egg whites, salt, chicken broth, and wet starch to mix thoroughly. In the 70% hot lard pan, slip into slices.Remove; use a small amount of lard, 3 grams each of green onion, ginger, 6 grams of green beans (or garlic), 15 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 15 grams of ham, stir fry, add clear soup, and pour the smooth quail slices intoSlightly stir-fry, moisten starch, add MSG, drizzle with sesame oil and serve.

There are nourishing five internal organs.

For spleen and stomach weakness, loss of appetite, sore bones and so on.