Common fitness mistakes

Common fitness mistakes

Misunderstanding. One person may concentrate on exercise during the weekend. Some people ca n’t eat and hungry, and exercise is not.

For example, some people like to take advantage of the insufficiency of regular exercise on weekends.

Fitness experts point out that too lazy exercise can hurt the body, and concentrated exercise can also hurt the body, which is tantamount to overeating.

  Imagine sitting in the office 5 days before the week, almost no movement, the body has actually adapted to this state.

Suddenly picking up a lot of time on the weekend to concentrate on exercise will actually break the established physiological and physical balance, and the consequences will be worse than not exercising.

Therefore, a scientific and effective approach is to exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

I usually have a lot of time to work and have no time to exercise. At least I should move my body after the tea. I still pay attention to the flow of water.

  Myth 2: Exercise + Dieting = Good Body Many women already know that they use scientific and healthy methods to control weight, but there are still some misunderstandings about weight loss.

For example, while exercising, nutrition supplements are ignored, and the diet is controlled blindly.

  Experts point out that diet control is necessary, but if you only care about exercise and do not pay attention to nutritional supplements, it will cause physical harm.

The human body needs a certain amount of transition and nutrition to maintain its operation every day, and women also need compensation for menstrual losses, so at least transformation and nutrition must be guaranteed.

Otherwise, if the human body performs high-intensity exercise in a state of lack of supplement for a long time, it will cause a decrease in immunity and disease will also enter.

 Misunderstanding three jump exercises is a woman’s business In the gym, there are usually two “well water does not violate river water” areas: the equipment training area are all men, and aerobics has become a women’s patent.

Many men always believe that “jumping aerobics is a woman’s business, a bit of sissy, and training equipment is a man’s business.

“actually not.

Fitness coaches believe that men prefer equipment training mainly because they feel that this can increase strength and improve body shape, but equipment training cannot achieve the effects of improving cardiopulmonary function, and enhance the softness and coordination of the body. Therefore, it is recommended that men should use equipment training and haveAerobic exercises are combined to enhance complementary effects.

  Misunderstanding four muscles must be practiced every day, some young people are very passionate about bodybuilding.

In order to build a beautiful muscle, they practice in the gym all day.

In fact, the key to long muscles should be “relaxed.”

  Muscle exercise consumes a lot of nutrients. After the exercise, after proper rest, the nutrients in the muscle will be replenished, and the amount of replenishment will be more than consumed. This phenomenon is physiologically called “super””Volume recovery”.

“Excessive recovery” allows muscles to get more nutrients, the more developed and more developed.

Some studies believe that the rest time is calculated based on the muscles having the ability to exercise last time again. It usually takes 2 to 3 days.

  Misunderstanding 5: Large amount of exercise is more effective. Appropriate exercise and fitness training can help strengthen the body’s immunity, but excessive exercise can be counterproductive.

  Medical experts point out that both low-intensity and intermittent exercise can have a good effect on health.

Therefore, low-intensity exercise every day is not only good for health, but also reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Excessive exercise will only have an adverse effect on the body, leading to muscle contraction, stiffness, strain, severe fractures, even sports anemia, and even sudden death.

Therefore, exercisers can consult a fitness instructor to choose the right amount of exercise.

Peel the skin in time to make him fall in love with your hands

Peel the skin in time to make him fall in love with your hands

Guide: Silently holding hands is an important ceremony for many couples to formally leap over friends. The first time the lovers are not satisfied, the first time is not to communicate with the eyes, words, or even skin-blindness.

Your soft and smooth skin on your hands and your tidy nails are clearly expressing to him. You take yourself very seriously, and you are equally serious about this relationship.

  The sebaceous glands in both hands are rarely distributed, there is not enough oil secretion, the stratum corneum is about one pair thicker than the face, and it is easy to appear old, such as rough, opaque, dull, dry, muscle lines, and always exposed.The frankness in this is not to bear the illusion that makeup can be piled up. You have to be brave to express yourself in real life.

  What you need to know about holding hands in love: ● Computer families who often hit the keyboard are prone to deepening hand patterns and protruding finger joints.

This set of finger exercises must be learned: bend your elbows, palms outward, and let your fingers bend slightly until they touch your palms.

Hold your finger for 10 seconds, gradually apply force, then straighten your finger and repeat 5 times.

Put your hands on your chest, hold your fingers lightly, and raise your elbow to the ground parallel. The hand holding the fingertips tries to relax, and gently pull the other hand for 5 seconds. Relax and change hands.

Repeat 5 times to strengthen joint tenacity.

  ● Please take more foods rich in vitamins A, E and zinc, selenium, and calcium. On the contrary, heavy salt and spicy spicy foods will cause your hands to swell, and tendons will become obvious.

  ● When exercising outdoors, apply sunscreen to your face, and do n’t forget to apply sunscreen on your hands. The sun will accelerate the loss of skin moisture, make your hands dry and rough, and easily cause stains.Cream is a good choice for daily maintenance.

  ● Glycerin, minerals, natural collagen and vitamin E hand cream has a good effect on preventing dryness and roughness.

  ● Nail is dead horny and cannot absorb maintenance ingredients, so whether it is hand cream or nail oil, it is not applied to the nail, but absorbed by the edge of the nail seam. This will not only soften dead skin, but also promote new nails.Health.

Apply massage oil on the edge of the nails and massage in a spiral shape for a few minutes, which can promote blood circulation on the nail surface.

  ● At least every two weeks, soften the carpel (that is, the hard skin around the fingers), push away the excess dead skin and cut it off, which can make the nails grow healthier.

When the nail is barbed because it is too dry, don’t tear it carefully, you must use special scissors to clean it, so that it can be completely removed in the direction of growth.

  ● When choosing de-glazed water, be careful not to buy products containing acetone (excluding acetone), which will cause the nails to be fragile and brittle, without gloss.

  Tips for love: Even if he cooks soup for his beloved, remember to put on gloves before touching detergents, soaps and other alkaline substances.

Of course, you can also tell him, in order to keep your hands smooth and cute, ask him to wash the dishes.

  1 OLAY Newborn Moisturizing Hand Cream 30 yuan / 100g with anti-aging formula, effectively improve hand dry lines and increase elasticity.

The skin is fine and can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

  2 Estee Lauder Platinum Firming and Spot Repairing Hand Cream 650 yuan / 100ml precious anti-aging factor and freckle factor, which can reduce the spots on the back of the hand while tightening and moisturizing, so that both hands can also enjoy the luxury of the face.

  3 Sephora Nutritional Hand Cream SPF10 49 yuan / 50ml Specially added anti-UVA and anti-UVB ingredients, can prevent sun damage, and alleviate the aging of the skin on the hands.

Just one orange to solve all skin problems_1

Just one orange for all skin problems

Just one orange can make your skin fair and supple!

Let the power of nature care for your skin, giving you the gentlest and most comfortable protection.

Let your summer skin have the most beautiful enjoyment!

(Note that you should carefully try according to your skin quality) Recommended reason for orange juice remover: The skin’s pores are easy to heal. Thoroughly removing and cleaning the skin is very important. It thoroughly cleanses the dirt and oil on the face.After the cotton is soaked in orange juice, wipe the skin and skin to allow the skin to fully absorb the orange juice. After 5 minutes, rinse with water.

  Reminder: For sensitive skin, you can change the orange juice slightly before using it, and then try whether it is allergic on the wrist before deciding whether to use it.

Also, avoid sun exposure after cleansing with orange juice.

  Orange flap eye mask effect: Promote blood circulation and replenish eye moisture Method: Cut the orange flap into thin sheets and use it as an eye mask. After applying it under the eyes, gently press it with your fingers to help absorption. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes.

  Recommended Reasons for Orange Peel Massage: Excessive “tonic” causes cellulite to appear. Orange peel has a good “anti-cellulite” function. Method: Clean the orange peel and soak it with olive oil, then massage the corresponding orange on the body.Skin tissues, and squeeze out the juice from the orange peel during massage. Wash the skin with water after the massage.

  Recommended reasons for orange peel scrub: Orange peel is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, which can promote skin metabolism and improve the resistance of skin capillaries.

  Efficacy: Peeling and whitening method: slice the whole fresh orange with skin, wrap it in gauze, and rub it directly on the rough parts such as elbow, alignment, heel, etc., to remove the dead skin.

  Orange peel bath (to use fresh orange peel) Efficacy: Helps to reconcile free radicals, keep the skin moist and soft, suitable for use in dry seasons: use fresh orange peel to boil together with water, add in a bathA small amount of freshly cooked orange peel soup.

  As long as the method is correct, you are guaranteed to thank Orange for a lifetime!

Haha, come and try it out!

How women play with their love

How women play with their love

Because I am also a woman, I have always been a headache for love.

Love itself has no intended meaning, but it is such an unintentional problem that lingers in the years like water, and is entangled constantly . Since ancient times, love has been sung and sung by those literati.

Between walking, I was accustomed to those loves that were painful and engraved into the bone marrow.

So my mood was touched by these beautiful words over and over again, pain, and finally the wound was broken into pieces until I couldn’t bear to look at it again.

  Maybe the woman is too emotional, so it’s easy to be touched by things that seem beautiful.

So these or melancholic or euphemistic words often become a substitute for my inexplicable thinking . I have always been thinking about the question: Where does love come from and where does it lie?

Best is still at a loss . 1 Some people say that love should be a kind of tolerance.

  It is necessary to tolerate both the advantages and the shortcomings of lover.

Such love should be very selfless and easy to move, but such love easily loses its own personality.

If you lose your personality, it also means you lost your original attractive charm.

When a person has no charm of his own personality, it means no appreciation.

How long can this love last without a single impression of appreciation?

I dare not say the answer.

  Some people say that love should be an attachment.

  I once thought that only by being attached to love was that true love.

After experiencing numerous pains, I finally figured it out. That attachment is not love at all. Such attachment will only hurt others and hurt myself.

Later, I finally realized that such attachment is actually a kind of greed and possession.

When a love comes at the cost of freedom, can anyone dare to say it again?

  Love is not to suffocate, nor to add burden to a person.

True love should be a very pleasant thing.

  Love should be a wonderful thing, so there are so many people who constantly pursue and yearn for it.

Love should also be one of the most beautiful emotions in the world (emotion blog, emotional talk), so it will make people taste an unspeakable happiness.

Love should have a strong magnetic force, so people waste their entire lives to pursue this pure and beautiful love.

  2 In fact, love should be born naturally from all things in the world. It was originally invisible, so we cannot deliberately sum it up.

Because of the natural nature of love, it is decided that love must be based on looseness first, and then it can be happy.

  Love originates from nature. Only this kind of natural love will last longer.

Love is shaped deep in our hearts. Only love integrated into the depths of our hearts is the most beautiful thing . So when love comes, we do n’t want to be blind to love or stupid to love.Slowly let go of your own hands.

  When you release your hands, you realize that the more natural and casual emotions make people feel relaxed.

The state is born from the heart, the more relaxed the mood, the happier.

Only such a beautiful emotion can be called true love, and when you taste the sweetness of love, you can be considered to understand your love.

How Chinese medicine regulates female endocrine disorders

How Chinese medicine regulates female endocrine disorders

Endocrinology is an abbreviation for the endocrine system of western medicine, which is a vocabulary belonging to western medicine. So, do we Chinese medicine have a way to regulate endocrine?

What is the method of TCM to regulate endocrine?

  In fact, endocrinology is a substitute for human physiological functions. Modern women, because of their shoulders at work and the dual pressures of the family, are also prone to disturb the operation of qi and blood due to internal factors such as depression, irritability, anger, and excessive thinking, which lead to endocrine disorders.

  In terms of Chinese medicine, endocrine disorders are a manifestation of yin deficiency and are caused by stasis of qi and blood.

Congestion stays in the body, the veins are blocked, external poisons invade the body, and postpartum lochia can cause stasis of qi and blood.

  Many women’s common diseases are actually caused by endocrine disorders.

Therefore, to treat these complications, we need to start with the smooth flow of qi and blood, so that the essence and blood nourish the whole body, that is, accelerate the blood circulation and comprehensively regulate from the inside out.

According to the principle of dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, people with hyperfunction should pay more attention to nourishing yin, and those with impaired function often have qi and blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, etc. Generally, treatments such as blood tonic, qi and kidney are given to improve the situation.
  Traditional Chinese medicine does not need to be performed in the hospital to regulate endocrine. It can be done daily. The diet needs to be particular, such as eating less fried foods, animal aunts, sweets and stimulating foods, and more vegetables and fruits.

Life needs regularity.

Women must learn to combine work with rest to ensure adequate sleep and avoid staying up late.

  In fact, traditional Chinese medicine is not worse than western medicine in terms of regulating endocrine disorders. It is just a few different paths. Traditional Chinese medicine pays more attention to health care and comprehensive conditioning. Although the effect is slow, the continuous effect is better than western medicine’s hormone therapy.

Have you heard the sounds of heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys?

Have you heard the sounds of heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys?

Sound expresses emotions, and emotions come from the body.

Therefore, sound can reflect physical condition.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has long understood the significance of sound for diagnosis.

TCM clinics pay attention to “looking, smelling, asking, and cutting.” The smell includes not only smelling, but also listening to sound.

Traditional Chinese medicine summarizes the sounds commonly made by people into five sounds: “hugh, laugh, sing, cry, and cry”, and correspond to the five internal organs, namely, liver call, heart laugh, spleen song, lung cry, and kidney cricket.

Gaoming’s doctor can tell which of his organs have problems from the sound of the person.

  The corresponding voice of the liver is chanting.

  Exhaling has two meanings, one is shouting and the other is exhaling.

People with excessive liver qi or hyperactive liver yang are often prone to anger and yell at the same time; people with stagnation of the liver qi often sigh and make a “wheezing” sound.

This is actually an unconscious self-rescue function of the human body, which reduces the stagnation of liver qi by prolonging exhalation.

If someone around you likes to yell or have a bad temper, don’t think it’s just a matter of self-cultivation, maybe because of stagnation.

It is recommended to eat hawthorn, radish, fennel, lotus root and other popular foods.

  The corresponding voice of the heart is laugh.

  If a person is very motivated, he will laugh and laugh brightly.

Moderate laughter can clear your heart and improve your health; if you laugh too much, you can break your heart by breaking too much.

As mentioned in “Saying Yue Quan Zhuan”, Niu Jiu grabbed his old opponent, Jin Wuji, and “laughed with a laugh.” This may be the laugh that let his heart go away.

Therefore, do not laugh too much, otherwise it will be harmful to your health.

  The corresponding voice of the spleen is song.

  The song here is the song we usually say.

If one’s spleen has a strong righteousness, the sound of speaking will be very loud, and the song will be loud and full of vigor. If one’s spleen is very strong, the sound of speaking will be very loud, and the song will be loud and clear.If you have a weak temper, then the voice of his speech is very low, and if he sings a song, he will have no anger.
Singing too much can also hurt your temperament, so those who like to sing should eat more yam, jujube, honey and other foods to improve their tempers.

  The corresponding sound of the lungs is crying.

  If a person has strong lungs, he cries very loudly; if a person has strong lungs, he cries very loudly; then he cries very low, most of the girls who often cry and cry cryingCan only “whine”.

Crying and crying in sadness is a normal vent and is good for your health.

But if you cry often, you can hurt your lungs.

The lungs are mainly fur, and the skin becomes bad if the lungs are deficient, so girls should pay more attention to this.

Crying people can usually eat more fungus food such as white fungus, lily, jellyfish, persimmon, coriander, coriander, fig and so on.

  The sound of the kidney is 呻.

  Moan means moaning.

In real life, we can see that people groan when they are in pain. This is actually the body’s vital energy, which is hidden in the kidneys.

For example, when the pain is unbearable, people groan.

In addition, people groan when they are extremely happy, because often extremely happy things are also tempering.

However, if a person is always groaning when they are fine, it may indicate that there is a kidney problem. It is recommended to eat more kidney foods such as mutton, dog meat, leek, longan, yam, etc. If the symptoms are severe, you can choose according to the difference between yang deficiency and yinTake Jinkui Shenqi Pill and Liuwei Dihuang Pill.

In-car yoga to say goodbye to arthritis

In-car yoga to say goodbye to arthritis

Choosing the right sitting position is important when driving. You should maintain a relaxed sitting position, as this will not make you prone to fatigue during long trips or driving.

When choosing a sitting position, keep in mind that you should be able to easily align all the interior devices with your hands, and use your feet to easily press all the pedals to the bottom.

Hold the hands of the steering wheel, and never bend it excessively, and your elbows do not need to be too straight. This will affect the use of your arm muscles and increase the sensitivity and difficulty when using the steering wheel.

In fact, when the pedaling distance is not reasonable and the forward tilt is unreasonable, it is easy to make the spine’s physiological curvature abnormal, and cause lumbar disc herniation, or lumbar disc herniation.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a good sitting posture of the waist plate. Female owners can put a soft and hard cushion on the back of the waist to avoid supporting the waist and reduce the fatigue of slowly straightening the back.The coming shock hurts the waist.

  How to hold the steering wheel When holding the steering wheel properly, don’t just hold the steering wheel with care, but forget to let it relax and the strength is moderate.

When you hold the steering wheel, your elbows are slightly bent.

When choosing a steering wheel, it should be surrounded by the palm of your hand, not too thick or too thin, and the material and form should be based on personal comfort.

Hold the steering wheel gently at two o’clock and ten o’clock with both hands. When steering the steering wheel, send it with one hand and pick it with the other; turn with one hand and turn with the other.

  When driving, please pay attention to the formation of warm arthritis and air humidity.

When the surrounding temperature is too low and the air is suspended, arthritis can easily form.

Therefore, when driving, you must consider both the ventilation in the car and the temperature inside the car. When the temperature is too low in winter, adjust the warm air in the car.

The temperature of the air conditioner for driving in summer should be moderate, and the MM wearing a skirt should avoid the cold wind from blowing to the knee. It is recommended that you wear a light and comfortable long-sleeved jersey or jacket with the MM on your car.

  The parking gap happens to practice yoga. Under tension, female friends can reset and use the driving gap. For example, when waiting for traffic lights or traffic jams, use the space inside the car to exchange activities, shoulders and heads, eliminating shoulder, neck and neck siltation.Blood, reduce the fatigue of the spine, one or two minutes of relaxing exercise can make the shoulders and back bring massage.

Yoga is a series of increasingly popular flexible movements. Some simple chair movements are also suitable for practicing in the narrow space of the car, and can enhance the twist and suppleness of the neck, lower back muscles and spine.

Remember to adjust the seat space before sitting, the movement should not be too large, and the muscles in each part feel a little tight.

  Move ● Sit in the front half of the chair with your feet flat on the floor.

  ● Extend your arms backwards, palms against the seat surface.

  ● Finger touch forward, lift chin at the same time, extend and extend, look at the roof of the car, be careful not to lower your head.

  ● Simultaneously press the seat surface with your palms, move your shoulders up and down, turn your shoulders back and forth, and keep this posture after doing the exercise 2?
3 deep breaths.

  Fitness effect: Eliminate the congestion of the shoulders, neck and neck, can reduce the fatigue of the spine, and prevent shoulder and back cervical pain.

  Move ● On the side chair, the fingers intersect the chest.

  ● Inhale, push your hands toward your chest, and extend the length.

  Exhale, with both hands retracted, palms close to the part, extending length.

  ● Inhale and push your hands toward your chest.

  ● Exhale, bend your left elbow, and try to fix the palm of your hand against the front of your left shoulder, aiming your head against the left shoulder.

  ● Inhale and push your hands toward your chest.
  Exhale, bend your right elbow, and try to put your palm against the front of your right shoulder, aim your head against your right shoulder, and extend.

  ● Move your hand to the center and relax.

  Fitness effects: Dilated tibia, hip fracture.

Flexible hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders.

In summer, mobile phones must also protect against heatstroke, sweat, and cold.

In summer, mobile phones must also “protect against heatstroke, sweat, and cold.”

In summer, mobile phones must be “heat-proof, sweat-proof and cold-proof.” With the arrival of the “Little Man” solar term, the weather is beginning to enter summer. The sweltering weather not only makes everyone sweaty, but also makes everyone’s mobile phones start to feel “unbearable.”
Rising temperatures, frequent crashes, and slower speeds are all precursors to cell phone “heatstroke.”
In fact, in summer, mobile phones not only need to “stroke prevention”, but also pay attention to “sweatproof” and “prevent colds”.
As a precision electronic device, the mobile phone will bring great harm when used in the sun. It mainly includes three points: 1. The screen life is shortened; 2. The mobile phone battery expands rapidly, bulges, and even explodes; 3. The plastic case of the mobile phone is deformed, Resulting in improper sealing of the phone.
In addition to direct sunlight, mobile phones are likely to explode and catch fire. In addition to direct sunlight, the high-temperature smoldering environment is also very harmful to mobile phones.
For example, in the open-air car, due to the direct sunlight in summer, the temperature inside the car will rise to 60 degrees Celsius, up to 80 degrees Celsius.
In this environment, mobile phones will accelerate the aging of components, especially mobile phone batteries.
In this sweltering environment, it is even more dangerous than in the sun. Once spontaneous combustion and explosion occur, it will lead to serious property damage.
Suggestion: When using the mobile phone in summer, do not carry it on the pillow or bedding when charging, and do not cover the mobile phone, so as to avoid fire due to high temperature.
In addition, the use of mobile phones is best done in a cool environment, never leave the phone in an open-air car.
Sweat caused by mobile phone malfunction and water has always been the biggest “killer” of mobile phones. In the summer, one of the main reasons for the poor sound quality of mobile phone handsets is wetness by sweat. In addition, the mobile phone slows down and frequently freezes.Also inseparable from the influence of sweat.
Since sweat is secreted in the summer, most citizens are used to clinging to their faces when using mobile phones. Affected by this, sweat will gradually penetrate into the interior of the mobile phone and cause corrosion of components.
Over time, cell phone glitches will gradually increase, and serious internal short circuits will also cause cell phone damage.
Recommendation: When using the phone in summer, wipe the sweat frequently to prevent it from entering the phone.
If possible, it is best to use a headset to answer the call.
Excessive temperature difference will also catch a cold. Not only will high temperature cause damage to the phone, excessive temperature difference will also cause the phone to malfunction.
Especially nowadays, air conditioning has become a must-have for homes, shopping malls and office locations.
Although it is comfortable in the air-conditioned room, the temperature difference of more than 10 degrees will make the mobile phone “cold and cold” as soon as it exits the air-conditioned room.
This is because the mobile phone can form a condensation phenomenon under a large temperature difference.
At this time, water vapor will be generated inside the mobile phone. If too much water vapor is generated, it will cause short circuits, misplaced keys, and unstable screen display. It will also cause the mobile phone to be scrapped.
Suggestion: In order to prevent the mobile phone from being condensed when it is taken out from the air-conditioned environment, you can put the mobile phone in a relatively closed environment such as a pocket or a bag and wait for the mobile phone to heat up before taking it out.

7 benefits of eating persimmons in autumn, do you know

7 benefits of eating persimmons in autumn, do you know

Persimmon is a seasonal fruit in autumn, and its sweet taste is very popular among consumers.

In fact, persimmons are not delicious, and they have many little-known functions and effects.

What are the benefits of eating persimmons?

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

  The nutritional value of persimmon clears heat and coughs: The persimmon cream on persimmons has the functions of clearing heat, moistening, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and has obvious curative effects on lung heat cough, sore throat, dry throat, sore tongue, etc .;Hiccup, nausea, whooping cough and nocturia have better treatment effects; blood pressure and hemostasis, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: tea made from persimmon leaves, often replaced, can improve the body’s metabolism, facilitate urination, pass stool, purify the blood, and restore tissue cells in the body, Stabilizing and lowering blood pressure, softening blood vessels, preventing arteriosclerosis, anti-inflammatory and other complications; suitable for thyroid cancer patients: fresh persimmons have high iodine content, patients with goiter have certain complications when eating persimmons; constipationHemorrhoids, etc .: Consumption of persimmons can be adjusted and transplanted, which has certain benefits for correcting constipation and hemorrhoids bleeding; persimmons can promote the oxidation of ethanol in the blood, help the body excrete alcohol, and reduce the damage caused by alcohol to the body; persimmons can helpIt can reduce blood pressure, soften blood vessels, increase coronary artery flow, and promote blood circulation and anti-inflammatory, and improve cardiovascular function.

  So, what are the precautions for eating persimmons?

  Do not eat persimmons on an empty stomach.

When fasting, our gastric acid secretion increases and the concentration is high at this time, and the persimmon contains a lot of tannins and gums and some soluble astringent ingredients. If it is fused with high concentrations in our gastric juice, the organic rate leads to stones.At this time, stones may cause pylorus, increase gastric pressure, cause bloating and stomach pain, etc. If it is serious, it may cause some serious complications such as gastric stones, gastric ulcers, and gastric bleeding.

  We think that we eat a lot of persimmon.

Persimmons contain a large amount of sugar. If we eat too many persimmons to replace our teeth and mouth, it will have an adverse effect and may also affect our appetite.

In addition, the effect of the implanted acid in persimmons on the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements in the human body can easily lead to malnutrition in our body.

  We think that we can eat even skin.

Persimmon peel is the main place where acid deposits exist. If eaten together, it may increase the chance of some diseases such as abdominal pain and nausea.

  The nutritional value of persimmons In addition, persimmons are actually more nutritious than persimmons.

  Persimmons are made by peeling persimmons and drying them naturally in the sun.

Among them, the “Fuping Jianshi” has the best quality of dried persimmons, which are sold at home and abroad.

Overall, persimmons are more nutritious than persimmons, and many nutrients, including added fiber, minerals and vitamins, are higher than persimmons.

Per 100 grams of fresh persimmons contains 9 mg of calcium, while persimmons have 54 mg; fresh persimmons have 9 mg of iron and 21 mg of persimmons.

After processing persimmons into persimmons, vitamin A content also increased from 20 micrograms to 48 micrograms.

However, vitamin C is lost.

In addition, persimmons are safer than persimmons. The skin of fresh persimmons is rich in residual acid, and the persimmons have been removed.

In addition, the health function of persimmons is also stronger.

The white cream on the surface of persimmon is a sugar substance precipitated during the production process, which can treat dry throat, sore tongue, and lung fever.

Chinese medicine diet wakes up your yellow hair


Chinese medicine diet wakes up your yellow hair

The main causes of hair yellowing are: hypothyroidism; high malnutrition; severe iron deficiency anemia and early recovery from major illnesses, etc., leading to a reduction in melanin in the body, which causes the lack of basic substances in black hair, and gradually turns yellowish brown or pale yellow.

In addition, often perming, washing with alkaline water or washing powder can also cause hair damage and yellowing.

The following is a diet therapy for yellow hair caused by several causes.

Malnutrition yellow hair: It is mainly caused by high malnutrition. Care should be taken to adjust the diet to improve the nutritional status of the body.

Eggs, lean meats, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, and black sesame are rich in animal and plant proteins, and still contain the major cystine and cysteine. They are the best foods for hair care.

Acidic yellow hair: It is slightly related to the increase of acidic toxins in the blood, but also to overwork and eating sweets.

Eat more kelp, fish, fresh milk, beans, mushrooms, etc.

In addition, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as celery, rape, spinach, pakchoi, citrus, etc. is beneficial to neutralize acidic toxins in the body and improve yellowing.

Copper-deficient yellow hair: The lack of an important copper-containing “tyrosinase” during the production of melanin in the hair.

Copper deficiency in the body affects the activity of this enzyme and turns the hair yellow.

Foods rich in copper include animal livers, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, and fruits.

Radiation yellow hair: long-term exposure to radiation, such as military computers, radar and X-ray work, hair yellowing, should pay attention to foods supplemented with vitamin A, such as pig liver, egg yolk, milk, carrots, etc .; eat more can resistIrradiated foods such as laver, high-protein foods, and drink more green tea.

Functional yellow hair: basically trauma, fatigue, reorganized internal secretion disorders, drug and chemical stimulation, etc., cause the body’s melanin and melanocyte production disorders.

May be yellow hair should eat more sea fish, black sesame, alfalfa vegetables and so on.

The active ingredients in alfalfa can replicate melanin cells and have the function of regenerating melanin; black sesame can biochemically produce melanin; nicotinic acid in marine fish can expand capillaries, enhance microcirculation, make qi and blood flow, eliminate melanin production obstacles, and eliminate hairYellow bodybuilding.

Pathogenic yellow hair: As a result of certain diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia and severe illness, the hair can turn from black to yellow.

If possible, eat more black beans, walnuts, cumin, etc.

Black beans contain melanin products, which can promote the production of melanin.

The fennel ether in cumin helps to turn melanin into melanin cells, which makes the hair black and shiny.