Five Principles to Improve the Quality of Marriage

Five Principles to Improve the Quality of Marriage

In order to improve the quality of marriage, the following issues should be paid attention to in the life of husband and wife: 1. Don’t make the spouse feel lonely.

If the couple lacks friendly and friendly exchanges, loneliness will emerge spontaneously.

Some scholars have found that if one of the husbands and wives replenishes their productivity to work.

While ignoring the concern for the spouse, the result will be a coldness in the sexual relationship between the spouse and the couple.

Where possible, new sexual relationships are sought.

The sexual life between husband and wife is the bond that maintains the love between husband and wife; it is not only physical intercourse, but also accompanied by emotional communication.

  2. Don’t make life monotonous Dr. Sandford has pointed out in his book “Adjusting Sexual Life in Middle Ages” that monotonous boredom is the cause of emotional changes.

After a few years of marriage, enthusiasm begins to cool down, and there is no longer a mysterious temptation to each other in terms of body. If the couple cannot explore and find a new and more satisfying lifestyle, some unwilling people will look for an alien momentJoy.

  3. Pay attention to the spouse’s feelings. There are too many quarrels between husband and wife. If the so-called “big quarrel is three or six, small quarrels exist every day”, it will hurt the relationship and create a gap.

“Mourning is greater than heart death.” When someone suffers from injury and becomes intolerable, he will lose confidence in marriage.

  4, correct handling of sexual life between husband and wife improper handling of sexual life, will also lay the seeds of sin for affair.

In this regard, women seem to have more responsibilities.

Generally speaking, men’s desire for sex is stronger than women’s. Sometimes, in order to get a chance for sex, they have to sacrifice themselves before their wives.

Some women discover this secret and regard sexual life as a means of coercion and opposition, but when they are proud of themselves, boredom and resentment are quietly rooted in their husband’s consciousness.

  5. Give full freedom to divorce Some social psychologists believe that from the analysis of the actual situation, the main reason for the increase in extramarital love is the lack of true freedom of divorce.

The concept of divorce in today’s society is still very old. Some marriages that have been “dead”, because of restrictions from various aspects, feel that the cost of divorce is too large and discouraged.

Therefore, the full freedom of divorce is also an important factor in reducing the phenomenon of extramarital affairs and improving the stability of marriage.

Pedal aerobics is brewing

Pedal aerobics is brewing

Core tip: Different from general aerobics, aerobics on pedals (pedal aerobics for short) is the action and pace of aerobics on pedals.

  The fitness exercise that can be done at hand is different from the general aerobics in that the aerobics on the pedals (referred to as pedal exercises) are the actions and steps of aerobics on the pedals.

  The targeted parts are the lower limbs and the tibia. This is a very fashionable fitness and leisure sport. It is superior to general aerobics but is more secure.

  According to experts’ explanation, because pedal exercise mainly moves up and down on the pedal, the jumping action is relatively relative, which naturally makes the lower limb joints have obvious flexion and extension and cushioning, and the sports injury caused by jumping is avoided to the greatest extent.

At the same time, it also has all the advantages of aerobics, bodybuilders can customize the intensity of pedal exercise for themselves.

  Some people may worry that pedaling exercises tend to over-developed leg muscles and make the legs thicker (this is reluctant by female friends). In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary, because the most effective way to develop muscles is to carry heavy weight and lessNumber of high-intensity load resistance exercises.

  ”Aerobics”, as an aerobic aerobics, is a continuous, medium and low-intensity exercise under the condition of excessive oxygen supply, which does not achieve the effect of developed muscles.

Moreover, it is not easy for women to build muscles!

This is determined by its physiological characteristics.

Interpersonal encounters in the workplace

Interpersonal encounters in the workplace

The normal communication between friends was replaced by written language. The warm and powerful encouragement originally caused nothingness.

  One afternoon, an employee of an advertising company, Tang Jun, received an energetic and powerful message: “My friend, the plan for the year lies in the spring, and the plan for the day lies in the morning. Let us be grateful, let us cherish, from todayAt first, please witness my brand-new changes . “This made him a little bit crying. This kind of text message was not received for the first time. He looked at the name and knew that the friend was in the” training period. ”

  The era of wealth creation, when cautiously motivating and exploiting the potential, is gradually breaking through all aspects of white-collar workers’ work and life, the hyper-effect produced by it sometimes makes people become more and more interspersed.The awkward interpersonal relationship is not uncommon in the workplace.

  Li Dan, a staff member of a trading company, did not understand her friend Zhou Wei very much. She did not understand why Zhou Wei began to talk badly after taking some training, so that the two were separated from each other.

  Li Dan said that even before being busy with work, the two of them often talked to each other. After the opening of the year, Zhou Wei moved to a sales company and gradually developed a written language such as ambition, planning, goals, dreams, etc., and replaced it in Zhou.During Wei Yan’s conversation, Li Dan encountered unhappy things. Zhou Wei always drew on his mouth: “You are the best, you can succeed and believe in your own energy .” He heard Li Danyun covering the fog mask, Good friends are a bit strange and unreal.

  The change of Liu Lei, a staff of a machinery and equipment company in Hankou, made friends wonder whether they were happy or sad. Liu Lei, an introvert, gradually turned into an activist in some training courses.

With the encouragement of the trainer, she will hit a wooden board in half; she is always the first to stand up and share her learning experience with scholars. As soon as she opens the conversation box, she will continue to talk.
“After participating in these trainings, I call my own potential, from passive to active, and I hope to have a lot of opportunities. I would like to share them with my friends as soon as possible.

“After three chaps, Liu Lei will send some motivational text messages to her friends, but her friends call it, and she still hopes to see her in a real state.

  In doing so, relevant experts believe that the reason for this embarrassing interpersonal relationship is firstly a misplaced role, which cannot correctly distinguish the self-role of life and work status, and at the same time indicate that some white-collar workers are eager to change the passive interpersonal model; and lack of self-confidenceTrying to seek psychological cues is the deep reason for the accelerated interaction with the surrounding people. The correct way of self-motivation will never appear superficial, and pay attention to the daily insights and accumulation to form a unique personality charm.Positive influence of interpersonal strength.

Do you know so many effects of kelp?

Do you know so many effects of kelp?

Kelp is a vegetable with high nutritional value, and it also has certain medicinal value.

Rich in mineral elements such as iodine.

Kelp is low in trace amounts, medium in protein, and rich in minerals. Studies have found that kelp has a variety of biological functions such as lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar, regulating immunity, anticoagulation, antitumor, lead detoxification and antioxidant.

Kelp is completely nutritious food and vegetables, and it is mixed with economic ingredients such as algin, mannitol, iodine, and salt algae grains. It is an important raw material for medicine and health care, seaweed chemical industry, agricultural fertilizer and other industries.

  How to choose kelp one, when buying dried kelp, be sure to open the kelp roll to see if the kelp is intact. If the kelp is small and broken, then don’t buy it.

  Second, see if there are small holes or large areas of damage in the kelp. If there are, it means that the kelp has been damaged by insects or mildew during continuous storage.

  Third, when choosing dried kelp, first see if there is a white powdery transformation on the surface, because kelp is the food with the highest iodine content, and it also contains a valuable nutrient, mannitol.

  Fourth, buy kelp with abnormal colors.

After the kelp is bought home, if the water after washing has an abnormal color, you should stop using it to avoid affecting your health.

  Main Ingredients of Ginger Kelp Dumpling: Kelp, Carrot, Ginger, Fresh Shrimp, Cabbage Production Method: Soak kelp for 3-4 hours, and roll it into small rolls of appropriate size.

Add a pressure cooker and steam for ten minutes, and vent it manually to remove the fishy smell of kelp.

  2 Take a small amount of ginger juice and mix it with water to make noodles.

  3 Mince the kelp, carrots, Chiang, and cabbage, do not control the soup.

  4Finally, chop and stir the fresh shrimp and wrap it in the pasta.

  It is suggested that kelp should not be eaten by patients with hyperthyroidism.

It ‘s time for children to pay attention

It ‘s time for children to pay attention

Parents should know that it is necessary to “spring cover” their children, but how to cover it is a problem.

Under what circumstances?

What problems should Chun cover pay attention to?

  As the saying goes, “Spring covers autumn and freezing”. In the warm and cold spring, parents should not change their children’s winter clothes too quickly, and “covering” properly is good for their health.

  Spring cover should seize the opportunity Although spring cover is needed, it is not to say that the baby should be dressed as thick as winter all the time, and spring cover should be seized.


Note that the temperature and temperature difference of 15 ° C is the critical temperature of “spring cover”. When the temperature exceeds 15 degrees, it is not appropriate to “cover”; the temperature difference between day and night greater than 8 ° C is also a signal of cover.


Do not take too long to increase the clothing when the temperature returns to cold, and it cannot be taken off immediately after the humidity rises. It is best to cover it for about 7 days. The baby with weak immunity is better to cover the body for more than 14 days to brake.

Of course, for parts of the southern region where the temperature is high like a roller coaster, it should be a different matter. When the temperature rises very high, don’t cover it.

  Focus on “covering” the tail, abdomen, and soles of these parts.

Maintaining proper warmth at the end can prevent disease and reduce the chance of catching a cold. Maintaining warmth in the abdomen is important to protect the spleen and stomach. The nerve endings on the soles of the feet are very rich and are the most sensitive place to the outside.

  Children with allergies should not “cover” parents. It should be noted that “spring cover and autumn freeze” is not suitable for children with physical induction.

When the weather is cold and hot, if children do not pay attention to changing clothes, they are likely to get cold and cause respiratory infections, while respiratory viral infections are related to the incidence of respiratory allergic diseases.

  Through the above sharing, I hope that parents can help their children to “spring cover” correctly.

Hungry for life

Hungry for life

Research finds that hungry and hungry lives long According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on February 20, the latest research by US scientists found that regular starvation can improve brain function, reduce weight, and prolong life.

  Scientists from the American Institute for Aging say that fasting regularly can improve brain power and help reduce weight.

Laboratory rat experiments found that the experimental mice fed every other day lived twice as long as those fed daily.

Regularly fasting experimental mice respond more strongly to insulin, which means that the body needs to produce the insulin concentration, the body can better control blood sugar levels, and greatly reduce the risk of diabetes.

  Dr. Mark Mattson, a professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, said that subsequent human dietary trials found that dietary energy restriction (dieting) has a protective effect on the heart, circulatory system, and brain, and can prevent Alzheimer’s and other diseases.Aging-related diseases.

He said regular fasting can stimulate cellular stress response channels in neurons.

The mechanism of regular fasting for longevity is very similar to that of animal hibernation.

  Experts also warned that fasting for the elderly must be carried out gradually and regularly under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, people with diabetes and other diseases should not fast without authorization.

Autumn supplements must have leek impotence to prevent colds

Autumn supplements must have leek impotence to prevent colds

It is not advisable to eat leek after cooking overnight. The leek contains a large amount of nitrate. If it is left to cook for a long time, nitrate can be converted into nitrite. If you eat this leek, it will cause discomfort, mainly dizziness, nausea, and bloating., Diarrhea and so on.

  Therefore, fried chives should not be eaten overnight.

In addition, leek bogey with honey and beef.

  Called the “Viagra” leek in vegetables, it has very high nutritional value. It is mild in taste and sweet in taste. It is a mild tonic food.Suitable for people who often have backaches and cold hands and feet in autumn and winter.

  It is especially reminded that leek is also called “Qiyangcao”, which is called “Viagra” in vegetables.

  For colds and typhoid chives, the leaves, seeds, and roots can be used as medicine. It can be used to treat impotence nocturnal emission, waist and knee aches, abdominal cold pain, stomach deficiency, nausea and other symptoms.

  In addition, in the autumn and winter seasons with high incidence of colds and typhoid fever, eating more leek can also inhibit Pseudomonas aeruginosa, dysentery, typhoid, E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Never pass anger to children

Never pass anger to children

The filial piety under the stick is a teaching method recognized by many Chinese parents.

Even today, quality education and appreciation education are deeply rooted in the hearts of people, many parents still insist on this approach.

Robert Allen, a top American expert in anger management and clinical assistant professor of psychology, challenges this old director in his latest publication, A World Without Angry.

It can be seen that there is almost no filial piety under the stick, and the anger we show in the transformation will be transmitted to our children.

  I hope that my child will grow up to be a happy, safe and highly functional adult, which can be said to be the wish of every parent (even parents with anger problems are no exception).

The interests and happiness of children are something that most parents cherish.

However, parents will soon realize that to help their children develop a healthy and effective lifestyle, they must provide guidance or discipline.

The English word discipline is derived from the word discipline, which means followers or apprentices.

However, when people use the word “discipline”, they often equate it with “severe discrimination”. Many people take it for granted that to punish children, severe punishment is necessary and justified.
This can be clearly seen from the proverbs such as “filial piety under the stick” and “not playing without a weapon”.

  Adults with anger issues are particularly susceptible to biased discipline to rationalize their strict discipline of children.

When are parents most likely to exclude children?

That is when they are angry, that is, when their judgment is severely disturbed, but it may not be the time when the child’s behavior needs to be most corrected.

Regarding how to discipline their children, they have not formulated any proper strategies.

  One night in a restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice a five-year-old girl and her parents next door.

This little girl looks very noisy and wayward (I tell myself, it ‘s not strange for a five-year-old child), but not only that, she is also very polite to the waiter: “I want red jelly, noGreen, you idiot!

“The mother of the little girl objected to the correction of her daughter’s rude attitude, but instead turned a blind eye, and even seemed a little happy.

However, after all, the fun was only temporary, and the patience of the mother gradually disappeared.

Later, the little girl was coloring on the coaster and half of the chalk was broken. She started crying and crying. The mother finally lost her patience. She shouted loudly and began to spank her daughter. “Shut up!

I told you to shut up and hear me?

“Such scenes are quite common in angry families, and even the venues are usually not in public.

When faced with such a situation, children often feel powerless but dare to anger.

Instead of learning the “reasons” his parents hope to teach him, he may feel confused: what am I doing wrong?

When I just scolded the waiter, didn’t my mother think it was funny?

Why does she growl so loud when I break the chalk and feel bad?

From this child’s point of view, there is no logical cause-effect relationship between her behavior and her mother’s response.

  In addition to being deeply frustrated by children being treated in this way, sometimes there will be a huge anger: If I am as big as you, I will definitely fight back immediately.

You wait and see, one day I will definitely get this account back . but at this moment, because she is young, there is almost no choice.

She can’t beat her mother, and she can’t pack her luggage and leave.

Sadly, there is one thing she can do: Informatize the message that her parents send, and start to believe that she is really a bad person.

Moreover, she may also transfer some of the anger vented by her parents to herself, becoming sullen and unhappy; in fact, Freud has said a long time ago that depression is “the result of anger turning inward”.

In addition, the child learned from his parents how to be angry with others.

A vicious circle passed from generation to generation.

  ”The child has no problems. If the child has problems, it must be a parent’s problem.” This is a classic saying of Ms. Satya. Ms. Satya believes that people are shaped by the family, and the health of the family can bring the child’s healthy growth!!

When parents really understand their children, and can give them the care they need in different periods of care!

This family can raise a healthy, happy and confident child!

  There is no filial piety under the stick. Only scientific methods and sincere love can make your child grow up healthy.

How much temperature is better for washing your face in summer

How much temperature is better for washing your face in summer

The temperature is getting higher and higher, and every time I go out, I will have a sweat and a gray face.

Quickly wash your cold water face!

It ‘s really a summer enjoyment to wash off the dust and sweat from your face, and then eat ice cream while watching TV comfortably!

But slowly!

It is not suitable to wash your face with cold water in summer.

Because the oil on the seashore is more serious in summer, if you wash your face with cold water, the oil and cold water at both ends will solidify.

When the face is full of sweat, greasy, and dust, and cold water is used to wash the face, it will inevitably greatly affect the entire face washing effect.

Moreover, washing your face with cold water will have after effects. It is full of sweat and the skin temperature is relatively high. Without cooling down, you will be suddenly stimulated by cold water, which will cause skin pores to shrink and make the pores oily.The result is that the skin’s pores are enlarged, and sensitive skin may even be acutely inflamed because of this!

Oily skin is more prone to acne and acne.

Since sunscreen or sunscreen is used in the summer, and it will cause oil stains throughout the day, it is best to use a double wash method-that is, remove your makeup before washing your face, whether or not you have makeup.

Because makeup remover products usually have good oil solubility, they can dissolve dirt deep in pores and prevent the formation of acne.

For cleansing products, it is best to choose foam-based cleansing products, because its rich foam has good cleaning power.

Plum blossom acupuncture for postherpetic neuralgia

Plum blossom acupuncture for postherpetic neuralgia

Shingles is an acute onset skin disease caused by a virus.
Healed within 4 weeks, and some people still have residual neuralgia. According to the International Pain Society, those who have sustained acute pain for more than one month after the clinical cure of acute herpes zoster can be diagnosed as postherpetic neuralgia.

Some experts believe that the occurrence of postherpetic neuralgia is caused by a large number of varicella-zoster virus growing in the affected ganglia, causing acute inflammation, bleeding, and necrosis that cannot be suppressed, and the virus cannot remain., Humid heat and remaining poison are not exhausted, and the heat is toxic, and the stasis and collaterals are impaired, so the pain persists.

  For those with postherpetic neuralgia, plum acupuncture has a better analgesic effect. The specific methods are as follows: location: pain area, and according to the herpes virus invasion site, select the corresponding Jiaji points, such as locally on the head and face, upper limbs,Take the neck and thoracic spine 1?
3 intervertebral intervertebral foramen; and in the thorax, take the thoracic spine 3?
12 Intervertebral intervertebral foramen; the vertebral cavity sandwiched between lumbar vertebrae was removed by shifting the lumbar abdomen and lower limbs.

  Operation: routinely disinfect local skin, use plum blossom needles to make uniform stings in the corresponding parts, first light and then heavy, until the skin becomes red or slightly bleeding, and treat once every other day, 5 times for a course of treatment.

  By using acupuncture needles on a certain part of the body surface and acupuncture points, the corresponding meridian qi can be followed, and the local collaterals can be unblocked, and the qi and blood can flow smoothly, so the pain can stop.