[How to make a Christmas bow cake]_Home made Christmas bow cake _Christmas bow cake practice Daquan _How to make a Christmas bow cake

[How to make a Christmas bow cake]_Home made Christmas bow cake _Christmas bow cake practice Daquan _How to make a Christmas bow cake

Many friends often ignore the lack of appetite because of the pressure of work. Everyone does not prevent themselves from going to the kitchen to make a delicious Christmas bow cake. The fun of cooking can increase appetite and eat healthier and assured.

Then go into the kitchen with the editor and do it!


12Mold the melted grease on the mold (outside the parts), put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it for later use2.

Add 215 egg yolks to 30 grams of powdered sugar 3.

121 sieve into low powder, beat 4 well.

212 Whisk to a slightly whitish paste 5.

Add 60 grams of melted fat and beat with a whisk on a low speed evenly6.

Take another large pot, add 5 drops of egg white and 5 drops of lemon juice. After foaming at low speed, add 70 grams of powdered sugar in three portions, and beat at high speed to 9 distributions 7.

Take the egg and beaten the egg white, add it to the egg yolk paste and mix well.

Then pour the mixed egg yolk paste into the rest and protein paste, cut and mix evenly in an irregular direction 9.

Pour the mixed batter into the mold, pour out large bubbles, preheat the oven, 175 degrees, heat up and down, middle, 22-25 minutes, cover with tin foil 10 after coloring.

After it is out of the oven, it will be released from the mold and left to cool completely.

To dry the cake, add 20 grams of protein to 150 grams of powdered sugar and 2 t of lemon juice12.

Whisk evenly with an egg beater13.

After taking out about 40 grams of white meringue to fill the squeeze sauce pen, add the remaining meringue to the large red pigment and beat it 14.

Assemble the decorative bag in 15.

Squeeze the edge of the bow on the cake surface with white frosting 16.

Then squeeze the red frosting in the bow, pull two folds in the middle, and finally garnish with silver sugar beads. In reality, there are not many men who can cook.

But with the completion of the Christmas bow cake, men’s friends can certainly make it alone.

And if you can cook this dish for her beloved, your feelings will be sublimated like never before.

[Effects of Panax notoginseng with Gastrodia]_action_effect

[Effects of Panax notoginseng with Gastrodia]_action_effect

Now many people with chronic diseases will choose to take some health products, because many drugs are chemical drugs, and some will have some alternatives to the body.

Everyone must understand the medicinal properties of Panax notoginseng before taking Panax notoginseng to avoid causing damage to the body.

Many people who eat Panax notoginseng will eat it with some other traditional Chinese medicine. What is the effect of Panax notoginseng with Gastrodia?

First, can Gastrodia and Sanqi be eaten together?

Gastrodia is warm, sweet, spicy, enter the liver, bladder meridian, commonly used to treat dizziness, dark eyes, headache, numbness, hemiplegia, infantile convulsion and so on.

Panax notoginseng is mild, sweet, slightly bitter, returning to the liver, stomach meridian, and has the functions of dispersing blood stasis and hemostasis, swelling and pain, commonly used with hemoptysis, vomiting blood, bleeding blood, blood in the stool, bleeding, trauma, bleeding, Flutter and swelling.

From the point of view of sexual flavor and classics, Gastrodia elata and Panax notogins have no obvious mutual effect and can be eaten together.

Second, what is the effect of eating Gastrodia elata and Panax notoginseng? 1. Gastrodia has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Gastrodia is mainly a sedative effect. The two kinds taken together have a good therapeutic effect on migraine. Gastrodia powder 15gAdd 5g of panax notoginseng powder together to make a medicine bag, and make water for tea.

The gastrodin contained in Gastrodia has the effect of sedative pain, relieves the symptoms of migraine headache, trigeminal neuralgia, and occipital great neuralgia; Panax notoginseng can activate blood circulation, dissipate collaterals, remove wind and dampness, and can help cure stubbornness.Sexual headache.

2. Hemostatic anti-inflammatory gastrodin has anti-inflammatory effect. Panax notoginseng contains panax notoginseng. Panax notoginseng is a special amino acid that has a hemostatic effect. Panax notoginseng has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.The wonderful effect of stopping bleeding without leaving stasis.

Therefore, eating Gastrodia elata and Sanqi together can stop bleeding and reduce inflammation.

3. Gastrodiae can inhibit platelet aggregation induced by adenosine diphosphate, and can inhibit platelet aggregation induced by platelet activating factor.

Panax notoginseng saponins have obvious anti-platelet aggregation and defibrillating effects, effectively reduce blood lipids and serum plasma, and have significant preventive and therapeutic effects on hyperlipidemia. Therefore, taking Gastrodia elata and Sanqi together to reduce blood lipids can effectively preventCardiovascular disease.

4. Gastrodia lowering blood pressure can increase blood flow of some and catheter arteries, reduce the contraction of cerebrovascular and catheter vessels, reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, and have a protective effect on cardiovascular disease.

The panax notoginseng saponins contained in panax notoginseng has the effects of dilating blood vessels, reducing increased blood pressure, slowing heart rate, increasing blood flow, and can effectively lower blood pressure.

Gastrodia and Sanqiyi have a certain blood pressure lowering effect.

[How to eat dried morel]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat dried morel]_How to eat_How to eat

There are many types of morels. Some are dry or fresh. Generally, fresh ones are not easy to keep, so most people will buy dry ones. In this way, morel will be easier to save, and they are always available.Mushroom has a high therapeutic effect, has a mild taste and is free of toxins. At the same time, it helps to promote gastrointestinal digestion, phlegm, qi, and kidney and impotence, and has a good nourishing effect on the body.

Foaming methods Morels are sold on the market and are fresh and dry.

Fresh is usually frozen in supermarkets and kept in a freezer.

Dried morel is a dried product obtained after drying in the air and has a more mellow taste.

Dried morel can only be consumed after it has been foamed.

The amount of morchella water should be moderate. It is advisable to just soak the mushroom noodles. After about 20 to 30 minutes, the water will turn red. After the morchella has completely softened, you can remove it for washing.After the burgundy red soup is sedimented with mud and sand, it is used for cooking and stewing.

Remember that this burgundy soup is the essence of morel flavor and nutrients.

How to eat[Therapeutic effect]Morchella is flat, sweet and cold, non-toxic; beneficial for the stomach, digestion, phlegm and qi, kidney and aphrodisiac, brain refreshing, etc. It also has physical fitness, prevent colds, and enhance the humanThe efficacy of immunity.

[Notes on consumption]Due to the rich nutrition of morel, it is suitable for all ages, especially young people, middle-aged and elderly people, the ideal health food, about 30 grams each time.

Morel stewed chicken ingredients: 1 young chicken, morel, ginger, green onion, red dates, wolfberry, salt, water.

Morel stewed chicken practice: 1. Wash the chicken and remove the chicken feet and buttocks.

Ginger slices.

Knot the onions into knots; 2. Pour the onion ginger and chicken into clear water and bring to a boil.

2. Morel is washed several times with cold water first;

After cleaning, use warm water to start soaking.

After soaking, remove the root part because there is a lot of sand in it.

Wash a few more times, drain and set aside; 4. Soak the jujube and Chinese wolfberry with warm water.

At this time, the pot is about to be opened, and it is intended to skim off the blood foam floating on the surface. 5. After skimming the blood foam, put the morel, jujube, and wolfberry into the pot together.

After simmering for 1 hour and 30 minutes, add a little salt.

Main ingredients of braised morel: 200g morel, 50g ham, 1 green pepper.

Braised Morchella Seasoning: 10 grams of watercress sauce, 10 grams of soy sauce, 3 grams of monosodium glutamate, 10 grams of broth, 10 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of sesame oil, 25 grams of peanut oil1, clean the morel mushrooms; cut the ham and green pepper intoThe diamond-shaped slices are set aside; 2. Place the pot on a hot fire, pour in peanut oil and heat, add bean sauce to stir-fry, add broth, ham, green pepper, morel, soy sauce for about 3 minutes, season with MSG, season with rawMix powder with water and drizzle with sesame oil.

Large domestic aircraft may suffer from U.S. raids

Large domestic aircraft may suffer from U.S. raids

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  Securities Times reporter Liu Canbang trainee reporter Cao Chen Following the suppression of the Chinese semiconductor industry, the US government is targeting the suppression target in the aero-engine field.

According to reports, governments in developing countries are considering preventing GE from exporting LEAP-1C aircraft engines to China.

Data show that this engine will be assembled on a large passenger aircraft C919 independently developed by China in accordance with the plan.

  Under the pressure of this “raid”, the A-share military industry sector performed extremely tenaciously.

After the market opened on February 17, the large aircraft sector represented by the aviation engine industry chain quickly rose.

Among them, aviation development power, aviation development control and other companies quickly closed the board, shipbuilding and other military divisions are also sought after funds.

  C919 delivery intimidation will be delayed. Recent news shows that on December 27 last year, 106 aircraft were successfully completed for the first flight mission. All 6 C919 test flight aircraft have replaced the test flight work, and the project officially entered the “6 aircraft, 4 locations” high intensity.Flight test phase.

COMAC stated that the validity verification test of the C919 was fully rolled out, and various production tasks were also carried out simultaneously.

  It is worth mentioning that although C919 is independently developed by China, from the perspective of the supply chain, it is the result of global collaboration.

Securities Times e company reporters learned that in the conversion of the fuselage, engine and other important systems, foreign cooperation units play a pivotal role.

In addition to the engine provided by CFM, the C919’s avionics and flight control systems also have many American suppliers.

  The aero engine is known as the “Pearl in the Crown of Modern Industry”.

Regarding the US confiscation, a person from a previously listed 杭州桑拿网 company told a Securities Times e company reporter that this was expected.

Compared to the impact of the domestic industry chain, another participant believes that it is still mainly psychological. “If C919 stagnates, the development costs and costs of previous expenditures will be wiped out, which will be a loss for both China and the United States.

“In the eyes of the person, the plan to cut supply in the United States may not really come to fruition, and he also hinted that the C919 spare engine model is being developed simultaneously in China.

It is reported that the CJ-1000AX developed by China Aviation Development Corporation happens to be a custom-made domestic engine for the C919. At present, the first complete machine assembly and the “ignition” test procedures have been completed.

  According to the plan, CJ-1000AX is planned for 2022?
Obtain airworthiness certification in 2025.

But the only thing is that the C919 will get airworthiness certification and be delivered to the first batch of customers in 2021 as planned, and has already received thousands of orders from domestic and foreign customers. According to the above time series, it is difficult for the C919 to use domestic engines in the initial delivery period.

  So, in addition to LEAP-1C, whether there are other optional engine models of the C919 highlight the essence.

At present, the three major suppliers of civil aviation engines in the world are GM in the United States, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom.

“If (the ban) extends to Rolls-Royce, (the delivery date of C919) will definitely be delayed.

“A person from a listed company reported to reporters.

  Lu Zhou, chief analyst of the military industry of Dongxing Securities, expressed a similar view to a reporter from Securities Times e Company.

He believes that since the CJ-1000AX is expected to be put into operation in 2025, LEAP-1C is the only power engine of the existing C919 engine. Once CFM company bans the delivery of C919 engine to China, the date of C919 first delivery to customers may be delayed.

  Of course, the progress of “discontinued supply” of aero engines remains to be seen.

Aviation expert Wang Yanan told a Securities Times e company reporter that General Electric and some US dignitaries have objections to the embargo and have not yet made a final decision on whether to ban exports.

It is reported that the United States will discuss at the antique cross-sector meeting on the 20th whether to refuse to distribute “CFM International” export licenses for China.

  ”CFM’s engine products were originally the result of international cooperation jointly developed by the United States and France, and they have been applied in various parts of the world.

If the United States no longer participates in Chinese large aircraft projects, it means that the blockade will only keep American technology companies away from the Chinese market, and American companies will suffer great losses.

Wang Yanan’s thesis.

  It is imminent to control the C919 in a global collaborative mode. Except for some overseas suppliers, domestic suppliers are not short of A-share listed companies.

The potential supply cut-off plan in the United States has an impact at least in advance of the delivery progress of C919, and whether the domestic industry chain will be impacted is also of concern.

However, the military sector quickly rose after the market opened on February 17. Large aircraft sectors represented by the aero-engine industry chain led the gains, and the military industry and other sub-sectors also followed suit.

  Individuals from the merged listed company told the Securities Times e company reporter that the growth of the military sector was affected by the US supply cutoff.

A listed company source said that the United States has a lot of industries to contain China. To break through the blockade, one must go step by step. As far as engines, military and civil aviation are being developed.

  The reporter noticed that since 2015, the military industry sector has continued to decline for several years, and has not come out of a new round of market.
There are many reasons behind it. The military sector is estimated to be high, and the listed companies ‘low blood production capacity are important factors. Whether the aviation supply cutout event will become the engine of a new round of market for the military sector has attracted much attention.
  In an interview with reporters, many analysts represented factors that estimated that the military industry sector was at a historically low level. At the same time, autonomy and control may also be a catalyst for sector growth.

  Guo Ping Securities chief analyst Yu Ping (Jin Qilin analyst) told the Securities Times e company reporter that the development of the benchmark semiconductor industry, the autonomous and controllable aero engine has become urgent.

This is because, from the perspective of the industry, aero engines are also important strategic guarantees for national security and big country categories. In terms of market size, the global civil aviation engine will reach 500 billion U.S. dollars in the next ten years. In terms of industrial capital investment, it will start in 2017.The national-level two-machine special plan is expected to invest more than 300 billion yuan.

  ”In the context of the United States’ possible embargo on aero-engines in developing countries, the two aircraft in the future can be compared to the semiconductor industry in the past few years, and we have ushered in major strategic development opportunities. It is imperative that the core technology be controlled independently.

Yu Ping said.

  Luzhou is selective, domestically substituted, and autonomously controllable in the military industry, which is mainly reflected in two dimensions, namely, military information and the large aircraft industry.

Wang Yanan said that in the field of aircraft industry, the pace of independent research and development and domestic substitution of civil aviation power technology in China will be faster and faster.

“This difficulty will not allow China to abandon large domestic aircraft projects. China will reconsider the issue of power selection, reorganization will reconsider the object of international cooperation, and replacement will accelerate the development of its own civil aviation power technology.

“The secretary of a listed company in the aviation engine industry chain said in an interview with the Securities Times · e company reporter that the Chinese domestic engine CJ-1000AX project has been advancing and is currently in the experimental stage.Research and development will have a positive effect.

Guizhou Moutai (600519) 2019Q1 Financial Report Review: First-Quarter Performance Exceeds Expectations Channel Reform Drives Rapid Growth

Guizhou Moutai (600519) 2019Q1 Financial Report Review: First-Quarter Performance Exceeds Expectations Channel Reform Drives Rapid Growth
Investment Highlights: Event: The company released the 2019 first quarter report and achieved operating income of 224.80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.2%; net profit attributable to mother is 112.20,000 yuan, an increase of 31 in ten years.9%. Revenue in the first quarter exceeded expectations and continued its high growth trend.The company achieved revenue of 224 in Q1 2019.80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.2%, exceeding the level of 20% of the budget performance forecast.Among them, Maotai Liquor achieved revenue of 19.5 billion US dollars, exceeding 23.7%.The strong performance growth was mainly driven by volume and price increases.Scale. Due to the good sales of Moutai during the Spring Festival, the demand for non-standard Moutai, such as the year of the pig, is strong, and the amount of investment is increasing.In the first quarter, the demand in the Moutai market remained high, and the bundling price remained at a high of around 1900 yuan.In terms of price, the proportion of non-standard issuances such as zodiac wine and boutiques in direct-operated stores has increased, thereby 杭州桑拿 driving the company’s average product price growth.At the same time, the series of wine maintained rapid growth, and the revenue in Q1 2019 increased by 26.3% to 21.300 million, accounting for 9% of total revenue.5%.At present, the development of series wine is on track, and it will become a new growth point for the company’s business in the future.In addition, according to analysis and feedback, because some dealers implement the 19Q2 payment plan in advance, the advance confirmation of some advance receipts is also an important factor affecting the first-quarter performance exceeding expectations. The gross profit margin continued to increase, and the expense ratio improved significantly.In 1Q1, the company achieved a net profit of 112.20,000 yuan, an increase of 31 in ten years.9%.There are two main reasons for the higher profit growth rate than the income growth rate. In the first quarter, the gross profit margin remained relatively stable and rose slightly in the past ten years.8% to 92.1%, mainly due to product price increases and product structure optimization (non-standard Moutai delivery ratio increased).In addition, from the expense ratio point of view, the sales expense of the company in 19Q1 decreased by 0 compared to 18Q1.8 trillion, each decrease in sales expense ratio.4% to 4.0%, mainly due to the gradual maturity of the development of the series of wines, and the continuous decrease in required expenses.In addition, taxes and surcharges have fallen for ten years.0% to 10.The 7% is mainly related to the pace of consumption tax payment and the decrease in the increase rate.The increase in gross profit margin and the decrease in expense ratio jointly improved the company’s profitability. Increase the proportion of direct sales, increase non-standard launches, and channel reforms to promote rapid performance improvement.In the first quarter, the company reduced 533 dealers, a reduction ratio of 17.8%, of which Maotai, Maotai series of liquor dealers decreased by 39, 494.Channel reform is conducive to further optimizing marketing channels, cleaning up small profits or replacing dealers to protect prices, expanding and increasing direct sales ratios, and helping to increase the price of wine per ton.The sales volume recovered is used in two parts: one part is used to increase the proportion of direct sales channels.Following the slashing of about 437 Feitian liquor dealers in 2018, in the first quarter, the company replaced 39 ordinary Feitian Maotai dealers, replacing about 700 tons to expand the proportion of direct sales channels.It is expected that the dealer system will be reduced by 10% in 19 years due to policy shocks, and the proportion of direct sales will be tripled to about 20%.94%), leading to an increase in revenue of about 100 million (1499 yuan for direct sales channels, higher than the 969 yuan ex-factory price); the other part is used to put non-standard products to improve the product structure. The company plans to issue 3 in 19 years.1 Initially, at least slightly increased by 10.7%.Which dealer system1.7 nominally, mainly ordinary flying Moutai; the remaining 1.4 For ordinary flying Moutai and non-standard Moutai (Zodiac, year, boutique) respectively.The amount of the Spring Festival in 2019 is slightly higher than last year. The actual actual amount may exceed the planned amount.The upgrading of the product structure and sales structure jointly improved the company’s profitability, promoted rapid growth in performance, and exceeded market expectations.In terms of volume and price, the incremental contribution in 2019 will be 10% -13%, and the increase in price contribution will be 3% -5%. We believe that the probability of Moutai in 19 years will exceed the expected performance of 14% -16%.We are optimistic about the company’s channel reform strategy and product structure upgrade strategy, and will pay attention to the implementation of channel reform decisions. Profit forecast: The company’s revenue is expected to increase by 17.20 per year from 2019-2021.92% / 29.82% / 25.00%, net profit attributable to mothers increases by 25 per year.20% / 35.30% / 28.80%, the corresponding EPS is 35.08/47.45/61.11 yuan.The company was given a 30-fold estimate in 19, corresponding to a target price of 1,052 yuan, and maintained the company’s “strongly recommended” investment rating. Risk reminders: food safety risks, macroeconomic downside risks, and direct management advancement is less than expected.

Seven Wolves (002029) Annual Report 2018 and 2019 First Quarterly Comment: Brand Men’s Implantation Improves Cash and Helps Continue to Grow Performance

Seven Wolves (002029) Annual Report 2018 and 2019 First Quarterly Comment: Brand Men’s Implantation Improves Cash and Helps Continue to Grow Performance

18-year revenue double-digit growth, 19Q1 revenue growth indicator, thickened investment income, profitable companies achieved revenue of 35 in 2018.

1.7 billion, with an annual increase of 14.

01%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

46 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.

38%, net of non-attributed net profit2.

06 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

30%, EPS0.

46 yuan, 1 yuan (including tax) is proposed for 10 yuan.

The lower growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers was mainly due to the increase in expense ratio and the increase in subsidy expenses.

Looking at the quarterly order, 17Q1?
The 18Q4 revenue growth rate was 13 each year.

89%, 9.

08%, 19.

69%, 21.

21%, 13.

90%, 13.

71%, 15.

60%, 13.

03%, net profit attributable to mother increased by 9 times.

81%, 25.

63%, 14.

44%, 23.

81%, 18.

45%, -0.

47%, 9.

65%, 8.


The company achieved revenue in the first quarter of 20199.

48 ppm, an increase of 3 in ten years.

13%, the net profit attributable to the mother was 91.65 million yuan, exceeding the appreciation by 9.

45%, deducting non-net profit of 64.15 million yuan, downgrading for 4 years.

36%, EPS0.

12 yuan.

The company’s revenue continued to improve from 16Q4 to 18Q4, and basically maintained double-digit growth.

Before 18 years, the higher growth rate of the knitting business and the e-commerce channel has driven the overall growth. Since 18 years, the knitting revenue has increased slightly. The increase in revenue has mainly come from the rebound of offline men’s clothing and the continuous growth of online sales.

The increase in revenue growth in 19Q1 has improved, mainly due to the weak retail environment and a high industrial base (late Spring Festival in 18, the peak sales season coincides with the overlap of cold winter and the favorable conditions in 18Q1 have contributed to a higher base in 18Q1).Higher than income, mainly due to the increase in fair value changes in revenue, expenses and other contributions.

Revenue split: The improvement of the brand’s menswear business contributed mainly to the growth, and the knitting business slightly shifted. In terms of business, the main clothing industry achieved revenue33.

80 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.
76%; information technology and service industry income 1702 million, multi-year value-added 102.
02%; other 1.

20 ppm, an increase of 52 in ten years.


According to the breakdown of the main clothing industry: 1) The total revenue of the seven wolves men’s clothing in 2018 is estimated to be about 2.4 billion, with each increase of about 20%, of which the online channel sales account for more than 30%, and the increase exceeds 25%, and the offline channel salesGrowth in high double digits.

2) Knitting business revenue is more than 1 billion, which is slightly higher than 2% each year.

3) The size of small brands is still small. Among them, the KL brand ‘s 18-year revenue was 31.39 million yuan, which became 4014 million. The 16N revenue volume was tens of millions, which may also drag down overall performance. Wolf Totem is a series of the original seven wolvesThe transformation into an independent brand is also exploring and enriching the category.

From the endogenous perspective, the number of stores of the seven wolves at the end of 2018 is estimated to be around 2,000, and the net increase in 18 years was less than 100. Therefore, in terms of the growth of the offline channels of the seven wolves in 18 years, the growth of the endogenous single store was the main contribution.

Small-brand stores have the least number of dozens of stores in total.

The increase in the expense ratio exceeded the gross profit margin, the increase in the inventory accrual ratio decreased, and the investment income increased. The gross profit margin increased by 1 in 18 years.

93PCT to 42.

60%, mainly due to the change in business structure, the brand’s men’s clothing continued to pick up and contributed to the increase.

18Q1-19Q1 single quarter gross profit margin +0.

05, + 4.

91, -0.

85, +4.

20, + 2.


Expense rate: 18 years extension 3.

57PCT to 25.

10%, of which sales, management + research and development, and financial expense ratios are 16.

91% (+2.

01PCT), 8.

84% (+0.

71PCT), -0.

65% (+0.


During the 19Q1 period, the expense ratio was maximized by 3.

79PCT to 23.

24%, of which sales, management + research and development, and financial expense rates are +3 respectively.

33, +0.

90, -0.


Other financial indicators: 1) Inventory at the end of 18 increased by 11.

96% to 9.

6.5 billion, inventory turnover rate 2.

21 compared to 17 in 2.

08 has accelerated.

In terms of inventories, the provision for falling prices at the end of 18 years was slightly less than the end of 17 years.
44% to 4.

99 ppm, the price reserve / inventory ratio decreased by 6 compared with the end of 2017.
44PCT to 51.


The company’s inventory depreciation reserve provision ratio 11?
It continued to rise in 17 years, reaching a high of 58 in 17 years.

14%, in 18 years, the brand’s menswear business turned better, the destocking effect began to manifest, and the accrual ratio showed a decline.

From the perspective of changes in the price reduction reserve, the total amount of reversals / rewrites in 18 years2.

97 ppm (of which inventory products and consignment sales are 1 respectively.

880,000 yuan, 1.

03 billion), new accrual 2.

9.4 billion.

The inventory was downgraded earlier by the end of March 19.

40% to 8.

3.6 billion, zero inventory turnover investment.

67 is 0 compared to 18Q1.

75 slightly.

2) Accounts receivable increased by 44 at the end of 18 over the beginning of the year.

77% to 4.

US $ 1.8 billion, part of which was the increase of credit for e-commerce at the end of the year, which was restarted at the beginning of 19, which was a one-time impact, and there was also an increase in support for franchisees.

Accounts receivable turnover rate was 9 in 18 years.

94, earlier 17 years 13.

39 advantages.

Accounts receivable at the end of March 19 increased earlier.

29% to 4.

3.6 billion, accounts receivable turnover investment2.

22, 2 of the earlier 18Q1.

73 has an advantage.

3) Asset impairment losses have increased in value in ten years.

39% to 3.

19 trillion, most of which is the loss of inventory price loss2.

94 ppm (increased by 1 in ten years.

32%), the increase in bad debt losses increased (from -37.79 million yuan in 17 years to 18.94 million yuan in 18 years).

19Q1 Asset impairment losses + credit impairment losses totaled 35.29 million yuan, a decrease of 10 a year.


4) Investment income increased by 46 in 18 years.

77% to 1.

54 million US dollars, mainly due to the investment income contribution of wealth management products (correspondingly, supplementary income in financial expenses decreases every year).

1Q1 investment income + income from changes in fair value (investment income from wealth management products) totaled 28.86 million yuan, exceeding the value added 71.

5) Income tax expenses increased by 84 in the ten years of 2018.

77% to 1.

10,000 yuan, mainly due to the unrecognised deferred deferred assets and assets of the merger of some business companies.
19Q1 income tax expenses are downgraded by 16 each year.


6) Net cash flow from operating activities is downgraded by 53 each year in 2018.

18% to 3.

5.0 billion, of which 39 were cash inflows.

51 ppm, an increase of 8 in ten years.

49%, cash for 36.

4.6 billion, an increase of 21 previously.


The decrease in net injection was mainly due to the higher base of the five-year regular supplementary incremental interest limit received by the company in 2017, and the increase in operating expenses of new brands in 2018 and the payment of unpaid replacements and replacements.

In 1Q1, the net cash flow from operating activities increased by 201 in ten years.

69% to 70.59 million yuan.

We expect that branded menswear will continue to optimize the effectiveness and multi-brands to explore new growth points. We consider cash redundancy: 1) The company ‘s branded menswear business has destocked in the past few years and various reform measures are gradually effective. Financial indicators are reflected in the continuous rise in revenue and the overall performance.Growth contribution has increased, and at the same time, indicators such as inventory and accrual have improved.

From the perspective of the company’s operation-side reform measures, based on the accumulation of consumer influence of the seven wolves brand, the company promotes reforms in various aspects of products, channels, supply chains, brand building, channel-side reform of the distribution system, promotion of direct management, and cultivation of core retailThe company also promotes business cooperation, implements refined management at the supply chain end, and reforms the organizational system of the supply chain department to improve the efficiency and enthusiasm of back-office 苏州夜网论坛 departments. Various measures are conducive to stimulating the vitality of employees and franchisees, and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the business.

2) In the long run, the company’s current multi-brand matrix is basically in shape. The main brand, Seven Wolf Men ‘s Wear, focuses on adjusting and improving efficiency, stimulating vitality. The new brand, 16N, targets young fashion brands, invests in KL to enter the light luxury field, and incubates Wolf Totem.Future growth points to build a fashion industry group.

At the same time, the conversion of new brands is gradually increasing, and the drag on performance will gradually change.

3) From the perspective of short-term performance, the overall consumption environment has been weak since 18 years. At the same time, under the influence of the high base of the industry in 19Q1 (the late Spring Festival in 18, the peak sales season overlaps with the cold winter and the favorable conditions have contributed to a higher base in 18Q1).Expected to be a low point of starting point, a series of stimulus policies will be implemented in Q2 and beyond, and the income growth rate is expected to be repaired to a certain extent.

4) The company’s monetary funds at the end of March 1914.

35 ppm + trading financial assets 28.

US $ 1.1 billion (mainly wealth management products), cash redundancy, can provide continuous investment income to support performance growth.

In addition, the company will continue to focus on the clothing industry and seek external investment and acquisition opportunities around the fashion consumer field. The project sources are distributed in many fields such as trendy clothing, outdoor sports, children’s clothing, and accessories.

Considering the weak sales in the first quarter, we lowered it by 19?
20 years, add 21 years of EPS to 0.



62 yuan, corresponding to 19 times PE15 times, PB0.

9 times, the estimated budget, cash assets are more defensive, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: weak terminal consumption, e-commerce and knitting business growth are less than expected, new brand cultivation is less than expected.

Pretend to be a new trick in the workplace?

Pretend to be a new “trick” in the workplace?

To outsiders, Caroline Bailey, a sales executive at a high-end fashion store in Manhattan, is a busy man.
She was serious about the display of women’s clothing in the fashion store: she rearranged already neatly stacked sweaters, and set the spacing of hangers strictly to one finger wide.
In addition, she has to take the time to call her boss and discuss the business in the store.
Although she looks busy, she is suspected of “counterfeiting”-there is no customer in the store.
“Both the boss and the customer don’t want to see you doing nothing, so you have to get busy, refold your clothes, dust around and mop the floor-even though the shop is spotless.
Anyway, you have to do something.
“Although only six customers walked into the store in a day, Bailey managed to get three of them out of pocket.
  In the workplace, “pretend to be busy”. When the economy is booming, employees sometimes joke together and boast about each other’s experience of “active performance” in front of the boss.
If it’s not just for deceiving the boss, pretending to be busy can even be called an art form.
However, in the face of the current severe economic crisis, layoffs are coming one after another. For some people, pretending to be busy is no longer an entertainment, and has become a necessary survival skill in the workplace.
In areas such as retail, real estate, catering, and law firms that have been hit hard by the financial crisis, you can still see employees working hard.
But when the business has shrunk sharply, their busy content can not help but make people question marks.
  The current unemployment rate in the United States has exceeded 7%, and more and more people will lose their jobs.
In such a precarious situation, the employees are all at risk, and many people rack their brains to make themselves appear busy, for fear that they will become idlers in the eyes of the boss.
In the clothing retail industry, stacking clothes has always been considered by shop assistants as “numb repetitive labor”, but now when customers leave clothes in the dressing room, Caroline.
Bailey would be grateful: “You don’t want customers to put their clothes neatly back on the shelf, because then you can show your value.
“Eric, a professor of management at Columbia Business School.
Abramson pointed out that although “blindness” is of little value to productivity, it is essential for individual employees.
“It’s hard to do nothing after work, and busyness can at least bring a touch of comfort and a little satisfaction.
“Pretend to be busy and creative” However, when the business is bleak, “nothing to look for” also requires a higher IQ and creativity.
When the real estate market was hot, real estate agent Michelle.
Colby was too busy; now that the housing market is depressed, she has been forced to expand into new business areas-“archaeological excavations” of desks, “I found 2003 sales records and reclassified them.
My desk is now neat and tidy.
“In a Japanese restaurant, the foreman brought the waiter to origami the chopsticks every day.
He self-deprecated and said, “This is a kind of craftsmanship that can help people relax.
“In the trading lobby of the Wall Street Investment Bank, bankers sometimes even pass the time by throwing football, and occasionally you can hear the sound of smashed computer monitors.
  But compared to the following practices, the “show” mentioned earlier seems too mediocre.
Someone told the telemarketer the phone number on the desk, which he would pick up every time he called, and then covered the cloud for a while, giving the illusion of busy business.
Others wrote thank-you letters of up to five pages to customers, just to thank the latter for visiting the store.
Every time an investment manager slips out for lunch, he deliberately spreads the documents on the desk; he also leaves the cell phone and colludes with colleagues in other offices, and occasionally dials his cell phone to make peopleI think he hasn’t gone far, and his business is quite busy.
An attorney working for a New York law firm wants to give the impression that he often works overtime late into the night.
But the office light uses a motion detection device, and it will dim until it turns off when there is no one in the room.
So the old man came up with a good trick-he moved a fan and shook his head.
This will trick the motion detector and keep the office lights on.
  In the information age, of course, pretending to be busy cannot do without the important prop of the computer.
An advertising account manager deliberately puts the display back to his colleagues so that they can only see that he often sits in front of the computer and frowns, thinking that he is actually designing toys for the baby to be born.
Of course, computers can cover many non-work related activities, such as chatting, making friends, shopping, etc.
This phenomenon is so common that a new word, cyberloafing, was born specifically for it, which translates as “swinging on the Internet” or “shopping on the Internet”.Of course, if you are more “concerned”, you can use some programs to let the computer automatically send work-related emails to your boss in the middle of the night, so that he thinks that you are picking a lantern for work.

  Pretending to be busy can also be “full of ideas”
, but experts who specialize in workplace behaviors point out that these pretending tricks are difficult to escape the boss’s eyes.

Robert Giacaron, a professor at Temple University’s business school, said: “Under the general trend of the economic crisis, the workplace is full of fear, and bosses will become suspicious.

If he finds out that you are trying to use these tactics to create the illusion, the slashing of the slasher will surely fall on you first.

“In fact, during the depression, you can also make your busy life reorganize the company.

A legal consultant working for a large law firm said that when the economy began to stagnate last summer, he started to call clients to provide a consultative, free consultation.

“I try to show them that despite the economic downturn, I am still in their best interest.

When the economy improves, they will continue to seek our help.

He also volunteered to join the company’s other unpaid services and went to a public school once a week to read texts to elementary school students.

His attendance card reads-“Career Development”.

“Although I’m busy, I can’t make money for the company in hours as usual.

I’m helping the company in another way.

“Job Coach Jonathan.

Spila pointed out that smart employees should take advantage of this time to plan ahead, plan their career curve instead of spending time, and “make themselves actively busy.”

Five reasons for pregnant mommy exercise

Five reasons for pregnant mommy exercise


Especially for young women shortly after marriage and eager to have a baby, this is a great news!

So the baby in the stomach has not yet been born, but he has become the baby of the whole family.

The mother-in-law said, “Don’t move the broom. I’ll do it when I have work.

The husband said, “Don’t you just go to work!”

“Can’t you move when pregnant?

Obviously, this view is wrong.

  Five Reasons for Pregnancy Mommy Movement As the saying goes, life lies in exercise. For pregnant women, it is two lives. The meaning is especially important.

  Reason one: Appropriate and reasonable exercise can promote the digestion and absorption function of pregnant mummy, and can provide sufficient nutrition to the baby in the belly. At that time, excess physical strength will be smoothly shunted, and the body can be quickly restored after delivery.

  Reason two: Proper exercise during pregnancy can promote blood circulation, increase the oxygen content in the blood, eliminate physical fatigue and discomfort, and maintain mental stimulation and mood.

  Reason three: Exercise during pregnancy can stimulate the fetal brain, sensory organs, balance organs, and fetal and respiratory system development.

  Reason 4: Appropriate exercise can promote the metabolism of the mother and fetus, which not only enhances the physique of the pregnant woman, but also enhances the immunity of the fetus.

  Reason 5: During exercise, the pregnant women’s muscles and pelvic joints are exercised, which also creates conditions for successful childbirth in the future.

  The key issue is how to exercise the pregnant woman is reasonable and appropriate, which requires us to analyze from the exercise period, exercise time, exercise method, and issues to pay attention to when exercising.

  Choose the sport that suits you best in pregnancy 4th?
Between 7 months is the most suitable period for pregnant moms to exercise. In the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy, in general, exercise can only be done in the middle period, that is, seven months before pregnancy, and the time of exercise should be more and moreShort, move more and more gently.

  The sports place should be quiet, clean and comfortable, rest when you want to rest, and replenish water at any time.

  Expert suggestions: 1.

If you don’t feel well, it is best not to exercise in the early trimester of pregnancy, the first three months, because at this point, the ground is not “camped” in the womb, and improper exercise may cause miscarriage.


In the latter part of pregnancy, that is, after 7 months, it is not suitable to exercise, because the fetus is already large at this time, exercise may cause problems such as premature delivery.

  Therefore, a suitable exercise period for pregnant women should generally begin in the fourth month of pregnancy and end in the seventh month of pregnancy.

At this stage, the method of exercise is basically the same, except that the amplitude of the amount of activity should gradually shift. After all, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and many actions are becoming more and more inconvenient.

  Special reminder: During exercise, if you find that your vagina is slightly watery or bleeding, and your lower abdomen is hurting, please note: these are symptoms of abortion, you should stop exercising immediately and go to the hospital immediatelyLet the doctor check.

  Some points to note 1.

When exercising during pregnancy, you should also pay attention to loose clothes and wear flat shoes that fit well.


Keep warm to avoid catching cold.

After exercise, you should take a bath and shower instead of soaking in a bathtub.

When washing your hair, if you are not convenient, you can ask someone to help clean it, but you should rinse your head with your head tilted forward.

In-car yoga to say goodbye to arthritis

In-car yoga to say goodbye to arthritis

Choosing the right sitting position is important when driving. You should maintain a relaxed sitting position, as this will not make you prone to fatigue during long trips or driving.

When choosing a sitting position, keep in mind that you should be able to easily align all the interior devices with your hands, and use your feet to easily press all the pedals to the bottom.

Hold the hands of the steering wheel, and never bend it excessively, and your elbows do not need to be too straight. This will affect the use of your arm muscles and increase the sensitivity and difficulty when using the steering wheel.

In fact, when the pedaling distance is not reasonable and the forward tilt is unreasonable, it is easy to make the spine’s physiological curvature abnormal, and cause lumbar disc herniation, or lumbar disc herniation.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a good sitting posture of the waist plate. Female owners can put a soft and hard cushion on the back of the waist to avoid supporting the waist and reduce the fatigue of slowly straightening the back.The coming shock hurts the waist.

  How to hold the steering wheel When holding the steering wheel properly, don’t just hold the steering wheel with care, but forget to let it relax and the strength is moderate.

When you hold the steering wheel, your elbows are slightly bent.

When choosing a steering wheel, it should be surrounded by the palm of your hand, not too thick or too thin, and the material and form should be based on personal comfort.

Hold the steering wheel gently at two o’clock and ten o’clock with both hands. When steering the steering wheel, send it with one hand and pick it with the other; turn with one hand and turn with the other.

  When driving, please pay attention to the formation of warm arthritis and air humidity.

When the surrounding temperature is too low and the air is suspended, arthritis can easily form.

Therefore, when driving, you must consider both the ventilation in the car and the temperature inside the car. When the temperature is too low in winter, adjust the warm air in the car.

The temperature of the air conditioner for driving in summer should be moderate, and the MM wearing a skirt should avoid the cold wind from blowing to the knee. It is recommended that you wear a light and comfortable long-sleeved jersey or jacket with the MM on your car.

  The parking gap happens to practice yoga. Under tension, female friends can reset and use the driving gap. For example, when waiting for traffic lights or traffic jams, use the space inside the car to exchange activities, shoulders and heads, eliminating shoulder, neck and neck siltation.Blood, reduce the fatigue of the spine, one or two minutes of relaxing exercise can make the shoulders and back bring massage.

Yoga is a series of increasingly popular flexible movements. Some simple chair movements are also suitable for practicing in the narrow space of the car, and can enhance the twist and suppleness of the neck, lower back muscles and spine.

Remember to adjust the seat space before sitting, the movement should not be too large, and the muscles in each part feel a little tight.

  Move ● Sit in the front half of the chair with your feet flat on the floor.

  ● Extend your arms backwards, palms against the seat surface.

  ● Finger touch forward, lift chin at the same time, extend and extend, look at the roof of the car, be careful not to lower your head.

  ● Simultaneously press the seat surface with your palms, move your shoulders up and down, turn your shoulders back and forth, and keep this posture after doing the exercise 2?
3 deep breaths.

  Fitness effect: Eliminate the congestion of the shoulders, neck and neck, can reduce the fatigue of the spine, and prevent shoulder and back cervical pain.

  Move ● On the side chair, the fingers intersect the chest.

  ● Inhale, push your hands toward your chest, and extend the length.

  Exhale, with both hands retracted, palms close to the part, extending length.

  ● Inhale and push your hands toward your chest.

  ● Exhale, bend your left elbow, and try to fix the palm of your hand against the front of your left shoulder, aiming your head against the left shoulder.

  ● Inhale and push your hands toward your chest.
  Exhale, bend your right elbow, and try to put your palm against the front of your right shoulder, aim your head against your right shoulder, and extend.

  ● Move your hand to the center and relax.

  Fitness effects: Dilated tibia, hip fracture.

Flexible hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders.

Farewell to the days of soft rice

Farewell to the days of soft rice

I have a good relationship with my girlfriend and the boss, Xiaoqian University, and the relationship has always been good.

She is a good girl, gentle, considerate, generous and understanding.

In the face of many suitors and economically superior conditions, she has never cared for anyone, but chose me instead, don’t mind my poverty, and don’t think that I came from the countryside.

  I held her hand to go shopping, buy food, and cook my favorite meals for her beloved; when she was tired, I could give her a big hug; when she woke up in the morning, she left a sweet kiss on her forehead.

  It should be said that our little life is still quite nourishing, the only flaw is that we do not have enough money to enjoy material life.

Fortunately, Xiao Qian is not the kind of material girl.

“I want love, not money!

“That was the best reason she had followed me.

Because of this, my heart is more disturbed and guilty.

  To truly love someone, you must make her happy.

I always want Xiao Qian to live a comfortable life, even dreaming.

After graduating, I worked hard to find a job.

In the first two years, I bumped into a wall. If it wasn’t for Xiao Qian to comfort me and encourage me, I’m afraid I won’t support it now, and I won’t find a satisfactory job.

  Huali is my boss, the company’s boss, this year has reached a year of no doubt.

She has a career but has no ability to reproduce, because these husbands and a rich woman who is better than her in all aspects have gone abroad.

She has no happy marriage and no one loves her.

In short, she has nothing but money.

  When I first entered the company, I became a gorgeous secretary.

I remember she was very concerned about me shortly after work and invited me to drink coffee for dinner.

I thought that the boss bought the employees’ hearts by some small means. She treats me very well. I don’t care.

After some time, I noticed that the boss saw that my eyes were obviously wrong, and there seemed to be something more.

When I invite me to dinner, she always tells about her emotional experience and her unfortunate marriage, all when I am a conscience.

  I have been with her for a long time, and we gradually have a “feel”. I treat her as my own, share the work pressure for her, and drink for her . Once, after dinner with a big customer, it is alreadyVery thick.

“It’s getting late, let me send you!

“In order to express myself in front of my superiors and win relationships with her, I wrote this.

She froze for a while, then squeezed out two words: “Okay!

“” No man has come to my house for a long time!

Sit more often.

“I .” I wanted to return to Xiao Qian immediately, but I didn’t know how to reject the gorgeous enthusiasm.

“Will you watch TV with me?

It’s been a long time since the guests came.

“After that, big drops of tears slipped from her fair and not obvious old shoulders.

Unexpectedly, the tears of the strong woman were more touching.

I hurriedly embraced her in sympathy.

That night, nothing happened, we just hugged tightly.

However, I have to admit that when I was together, I had a lot of thoughts . I was “wrapped” by the boss for money. Since that unforgettable night, my relationship with the gorgeous has become delicate.

I instantly became the deputy manager of the company.

The position has been promoted, part of it has been promoted, and the salary has also risen, along with it is my passion for gorgeousness.I felt compassion for her and added a little affection to her.

She also took good care of me, and she did it alone.

  In the eyes of outsiders, we are like couples who are “out of the double and right in”. The relationship is abnormal. Some people say that I eat “soft rice”.

Every time I flirt with Huali, I have a deep guilty conscience and condemnation. Can I afford Xiaoqian?

But when I think of the wealth that gorgeousness can bring to me, I feel at ease.

I want to generate value for my little Qian!

  ”You are so handsome, you should have enough girlfriends!

“Gorgeous half serious and half joking.

“How can there be!

“I was afraid of falling out of favor, and I was a bit guilty of a thief. I immediately added,” I really don’t.

“Since then, Huali has been more concerned about my work, and she has been given more attention by me.

On the big occasions that I should n’t attend, she also took me with her and said that she wanted me to see more big scenes and long-term knowledge.

  For a long time, nothing will happen.

That night, when we were with our customers, we drank some wine.

“Can you stay with me for one night today?

“Gorgeous eyes filled with longing.

I surrounded the contradictions and wouldn’t accompany her, would I fall out of favor?

What should I do with her in case what happens?

Do I still face my little Qian?

Under the anesthesia of alcohol, I still couldn’t hold myself well and had a relationship with her.

I know it’s me who shame love.

  With the first, of course, there is the second.

When she does not need to work overtime, she always asks me to accompany her, saying that she feels dependent on me and falls in love with my “opium”.

I sometimes feel very embarrassed. She asked me what I thought about, and I didn’t say or say anything.

There are more opportunities to get along with the gorgeous, and my pure and pure relationship with Xiao Qian naturally fades a bit.

  ”I don’t want you to make more money, as long as you give me more love and spend more time and energy with me!

Xiao Qian told tears more than once about her suffering.

I also know that my love for her has faded.

  In order to get along with Xiao Qian as much as possible, I always find various reasons to return to our little home.

In order to meet the gorgeous requirements, I expected Xiao Qian to lie.

On one side is true love, on the other is the boss. Between them, I am like a pendulum, shaking it over and swinging it over again, it ‘s so tired!

  I want to be honest and honest. There is no impenetrable wall in this world. When Xiao Qian questioned me, I defended myself again and again, and every time I answered in an orderly manner, trying not to reveal a little flaw.

But here gorgeous also polished my mind, and asked skeptically: “Are you a sweetheart?

“No, I just worry about work.

“I always pretend to be indifferent.

  At this time, it also included the two women’s “review” phase.

Sometimes I really worry, what if I ca n’t answer their questions?

  Love is love. It cannot be strengthened without sympathy and compassion.

When I understood this, it was too late, and I did what I should not do.   Recently, what I called “overtime” and “travel” always made Xiaoqian’s tears endless.

“Men get worse when they have money!

“She cried on the phone.

I know I have broken her enough.

I can give up the whole world, but I don’t want to give up Xiao Qian.

  I decided to “broken” with the boss.

No longer make a beloved woman sad.

I don’t want to live in a lie anymore. I cheated and cheated. I was so tired and tired. I really wanted to be a man in good faith.

  I said to myself fiercely: Bye-bye for the days of soft rice!